Superfood in Postworkout Shake?

After speaking with some fairly reputable sources I got mixed opinions on whether to use a serving of Superfood in my post-workout shake. One source said a serving would help buffer oxidative stress at a crucial time and assist in promoting an anabolic environment. Another said that it was not appropriate for that time and would slow the absorption of the most critical elements(protein, carbs, BCAA’s) in the shake.

Initially I had planned on using 1 serving of Superfood post-workout and 1 in my pre-bed shake or meal.

I’d like to hear some other thoughts on whether the Superfood would affect PW shake absorption that much and if it would be better to move that serving of Superfood to another time or if it would be better to keep it there.

I take a serving in the morning, and one after training.

I’d be curious to see just how much 5g of antioxidants and nutrients would slow absorption. (NOT)

I always put a half serving of Superfood in my post workout shake. I believe it was originally recommended in the original Superfood discussion thread that adding Superfood after a workout is not a bad idea at all.

I can’t imagine that using Superfood in a post-workout shake would be a problem.

I’ve always used it that way (in addition to using it at other times when I need to boost my fruit/veggie intake).

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TC and gang,

Thanks for your feedback. You mostly confirmed how I personally felt, but a little extra re-assurance never hurts. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my thread.