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Superfood - How Does It Taste


Is it really the bee knees?

Sounds pretty impressive.

I might buy a bottle, how does it taste?






and never ever, ever, and I mean ever, use "the bees knees" saying again. You have lost the privileges.


Id liken it more to the cats pyjamas..


i'm partial to "the cat's knees" or "the bees meow"

Constructively: tastes great in fruit juices. tastes like nothing in shakes. win/win.


most like it, some don't.

I like it. berry tasting


Now we must decide on our favorite expression...


Has a slight berry flavor. You can mix it with your shakes if you want, but you will taste it. Not bad for vanilla shakes, kind of strange if you mix it with chocolate, but it isn't overpowering.


@ mister aug. 09, I had just watched pinapple express lol, so the expression stuck in my head.

I know about the holy search function, I've been here since 2005. It seems like everytime someone makes a post the response is always use the search function. o.O
I could understand it on some post. ( people do ask slow questions )
Honestly, you refuse to write its tasty or its a must for anyones diet?
Instead you give no valid opinion and say use the search function? Actrually write more than you would have if you would have gave an opinion?

Go to bed.....

I looked up Superfood in the store, after reading about it in an article. I dislike the search funxtion sometimes because the post are outdated and sometimes I wanna post a question or reply and it says this topic has reach its limit. BS.

I figured I would ask the question to get an up to date response......
I do appreciate the other responses.

You guys have said that it taste good.
Have you noticed any physical improvements after it was added to your diet for a few weeks?
Given that your diet remained the same and the only thing that changed was the Superfood.


Tastes horrible in my opinion, but not too bad if you mix it in with something else like Metabolic Drive. Great supplement aside from the taste.


I think it tastes fantastic, especially mixed in with some plain yogurt.


Lousy. I used to drink it in tea with sweetener. by itself, blech. Also, I was actually using it as a supplement (not having it every day). It has a shelf life and gets hard if you let it sit around unused for a while. If you plan on using it everyday, you'll be fine. Personally, i find real fruits and vegetables taste better and are more filling.


True, but it's hard for me to eat as many fruits and veggies as Superfood would give you.

Or hard to eat a lot in general, I try tho.


I mix it with crystal light


How long have any of you been using superfood?


i love it mixed in w/ some berry flavored diet green tea (the kind you would find at a gas station or sometimes near the cold juices in the grocery store). on its own it's "meh" at best... sorta weak tea and berry flavors but with some sort of funk. vanilla protein with superfood and mixed with OJ is one of my favorite shakes.


actually when it came out I bought 2 cans, didn't use 1, threw it out
now, bought more, but forget/dont care to take it