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Superfood, Grow! Whey and Some Milk


I just recently ordered some Grow! and Superfood off this website. For Grow! it says on the product page to mix with water, but I was wondering if it was okay to mix the Grow with milk. Will the milk reduce the effects of the shake?

Also would two servings of Superfood a day be too much? I was thinking about doing one with breakfast and one after training.


Milk is fine.

No problem here, either.

I often consume 2 servings of Biotest Superfood per day as well.


Thanks Brian, I will try 2 servings when it arrives in the mail.

DOH Crazy:
I do want to gain a little more size and weight. My goal weight is 170. I know there is no real substitute for real veggies, but I rarely eat them because I can't stand the taste of most of them and for fruit I mainly eat Bananas, apples, and grapes. I figured Superfood might be a good option in getting some of the nutrients I don't normally get from eating veggies/some fruits regularly. Is this correct?

Also are there any other supplements that I should be taking along with Grow!? or in general.


In my opinion, supplements are all about what you can afford. If you can afford loads of stuff, there is other things you could use. If you are cutting your grocery budget to by supplements, it isn't worth it.

Many people on here grew without anything but protein powder.


This a damn good point dog. I've been thinking alot about this since I got my first order. I've yet to even try my SWF b/c I haven't had the need to. I just started working out again 5 weeks ago and I've been growing just fine with creatine, protein, and eating as much as I can put down. In 5 weeks I've gained 8lbs allready.

I thought the Superfood was expensive as well till I broke it down. For less than 1.50 a day our fruit and vegetable needs are fully met. It costs alot more money and effort to do that at a grocery store. A pretty amazing product when I think about it.

Superfood is a must next order.


Superfood dosn't cover all your needs as far as im aware, only the antioxidant part (which is important). But as farm as im aware there isn't all the vitamins , fibre ect that you would get from vegtables.


Eat your damn veggies! :slight_smile:

Superfood is a great supplement on top of those, but it can never replace 'em.


Ok after receiving both products I have to say I'm most impressed with the Grow! Whey. It is by far the best tasting whey protein I have ever tried. I found myself actually craving it throughout the day. I've been taking 1 scoop before I workout and another after I workout, but I have been thinking about bumping it to 2 scoops before and 2 scoops after. Would it be a better idea on training days to space out the shakes? Example: 1 Shake at breakfast, 1 shake pre-workout, another after workout, and then one before I go to bed.

I've been taking the Superfood for twice a day (4 scoops) and it is going very fast. I was surprised at how tiny of a container you get for $40. So I don't think I will order it again in the near future and will just stick to the Grow! Whey.

Thanks for the help guys.