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Superfood Getting Clumpy

Hey guys, I bought some Superfood back in January. I stopped using it because of my off season (runner). I kept it in my cupboard meanwhile. When I got back to use it I noticed big clumps. It is still semi dry but there is some mositure. I am just wondering if it has lost its potency. Otherwise, I can just put some clumps in my protein shakes and call it a day, however, I don’t want to waste my time if does.

By the way, the product hasn’t reached the expiration date.

Thank you.

So you’re asking whether or not you should trust the printed expiration date?

one old Superfood of mine that i left in my vacation home did the same thing. its like large rocks that are kinda moist. i tried putting them in a shaker bottle but they did not disolve. i was wondering the same thing. is it still good? or is it garbage?

It’s just moisture. I don’t think it goes bad before the expiration date.

Plus, one of the mods said not to refrigerate it because the moisture would cause clumping.

Just use the back of a spoon to push clumps through a fork…it will break it up. No biggie.

The actives aren’t damaged from this.

Thanks for the replies.

put it through a blender

thats what I did.

Just eat it.

The worst thing that could happen is it doesn’t work.