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Superfood Discussion

Okay - it’s finally on the street. TC’s introduction of the product was (as usual) convincing and effective. I fell for it and jumped on the bandwagon and ordered some. I have two questions for TC:

  1. Why should I not take this product if I’m pregnant or nursing? Being a man, this shouldn’t be a problem for me. But, if this product is simply a blend of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables (albeit a well engineered blend) then what could be the harm to a nursing woman of consuming this “real food”?

  2. In your narrative, you don’t provide a suggestion that one should still eat at least some fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Are you implying that this product could replace daily fruit and vegetable consumption? If so, then what about fiber, or any other “mechanical” benefit that eating fresh produce provides? Does Superfood emulate fresh produce completely?


Dang - I didn’t notice that there was already a Superfood discussion started here:


My questions would have better in that thread.

I think the lawyers for Biotest suggest that they put that warning on each of their supplements just to cover their ass. The label also says keep out of reach of children even though TC thinks this is good for kids (in small doses).