Superfood Clumpy, Hard to Mix?

Ok, so at first I just assumed this was how the stuff normally came, but after reading an article describing Superfood as a silky powder, I am wondering if my batch had some issues. Mine seems like it has moisture in it, very clumpy, and definitely does not mix unless I first dry mix it with another powder. Even then, I still get clumps. Is this normal?

Mine is the same way. It is silky, but mixes like shit.

I started putting it in my oats. Tastes just like blueberries.

It doesn’t mix well for me. Trainer at my gym has the same problem. I thought it was supposed to be easy to rehydrate stuff that’s been freeze dried.

Same here, even after dry mixing with PWO protien powder, and I get extra-large gauge straws by the box from the restaurant supply store to avoid this with regular PP, and even these clog when using Superfood…

The only time I got it to mix well was when I added it to the blender. But afterwards, I saw plenty of small clumps were still stuck at the bottom and that annoyed me.

So now I’ve taken to just throwing a scoop towards the back of my mouth and chasing it with some large gulps of water. Basically the antithesis of some of those creative recipes that Shugs has posted.

Same here, it mixes ok with my handheld blender but it certainly is not silky.

That stuff is delicious.

I just recently got my batch. I am finding the same thing. I only mix with water and slam. I did find that if I mix with room temperature water and let it sit while I eat breakfast, then shake again, it isn’t quite as clumpy. I hate swallowing those clumps. Don’t quite like the taste, but I am learning to slam it down with the rest of my supps. in the a.m. I think it smells like sewage water.


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