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I know there are a few threads on this, but I have specific questions, and didn't want to hijack. This is a new-ish product, and not all protocols are figured out yet, but what do you guys think would be appropriate in terms of PCT? Would an OTC sup (ie, 6-OXO) be sufficient? How about hepatoprotectants? Is milk thistle enough? If milk thistle is enough, how much should be taken? Should it be taken both during and after cycle, or just during?

I also hear it doesn't aromatize, so I take it ancilliaries aren't needed while taking this?

What I am planning to do is take 20mg per day for 3 weeks, followed by 3 weeks of 3 caps of 6-OXO per day. Is this retarded? I've been trying to research it better, but I really haven't been able to find much.



Here is the lowdown. Superdrol is a steroid (or rather composite steroid) of two popular steroids anadrol and masteron. forget what you read on the other site about 6-oxo, Cy has made it clear here that these products are mild androgens in themsleves and are of no real use when trying to help the body rebound from very low endogenous test, especially when that test has been suppressed by a stronger version of the same thing. To be on the safe side i would use nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) at the very least and maybe even clomid (clomiphene citrate) to help kickstart the boys.
Superdrol is a very effective product and i would start with 10 mg for the first week and see how you respond as some have had awesome results with this much. then bump to 20 if you wish but i would not go over 20mg as i dont believe the results to sides ratio is worth it. 3-4 weeks is optimal, no longer though. superdrol has been shown to have negative effects on lipid profiles (cholesterol levels) in any doses but much worse on those whp have run longer cycles or at higher doses.
As for protectant supps i will give you a list and then you can do with it what you want. i wont post company names out of repect for T-Nation but they shouldnt be hard to find:
Red Yeast Rice w/ CoQ10: helps support healthy cholesterol levels
Milk Thistle and NAC: liver support
Hawthorne Berry: help with blood pressure

for PCT here is what i would do:
week 1: 40 mg Nolva, Carbolin 19
week 2: 20 mg nolva, Carbolin 19
week 3: 20 mg nolva, Carbolin 19
week 4: 10 mg nolva, Carbolin 19

of course you will want a liver protectant during and after the cycle and the other stuff is optional. Drink a shit ton of water and be safe man. thats the most inportant thing. let me know if you have any other questions.


Interesting. Cy had said that he thought Alpha Male was appropriate in the past. That was one reason I'm considering superdrol for myself. At this point in my training, I don't want to take anything that would interfere with my body chemistry enough to require serious PCT (not Alpha Male). I had planned to PM Cy and ask him about OPTIMAL pct if I actually considered it more seriously. I'm sure that liver support and fish oil both during and after are definitely good ideas, regardless.


i was going to put Alpha Male in there as well but it may be overkill with the nolva as it should be strong enough. one could use it but unless you have a serious stash of cash to spend this would be (and will be) my choice for PCT. i would definitely use Alpha Male after the PCT just to be on the safe side. make no mistake, superdrol is an intense product and for $25 i think anyone should be using nolva in their pct. i know many have not used it for pct and seem to have been OK health wise but i personally wouldnt risk it. just my 2 cents and i guess everyone has their own version. let me know what you decide to do, i am always interested in hearing new approaches to things.


No point in both of us bothering Cy, can you post the conclusion of your convo here for me?


Ah, I was under the impression that Cy meant that Alpha Male was all that was necessary after Superdrol. But on the other hand, he did say that it was a legitimate steroid, so it would make sense that nolva should be used. I'm somewhat confused actually. I've never done a cycle though nor researched, so I'm not the best person to ask.


I did PM Cy. I'll let you know what he says


Is this a new supplement on the market or a product that an ug lab is producing?



Neither. It was developed and being sold briefly right before the ban. It was no longer sold right after the ban, but since the name (methylmasteron I believe) ain't on the list of banned substances (yet) people have started selling it again.


oh and use real PCT e.g. nolva.


A few questions;
I am interested in Superdrol as well. I am more concerned about being legal than being 'natural'. Am I wrong by assuming that since this is not banned, it is legal to purchase/possess? I figure if this is the real thing, and is legit (maybe grey area but still legal) I may want to get it while I can.

Also, I am looking into PCT. I've read up some on nolva but still have a lot to go. I've seen a few sites where I can buy it, but I don't know if they are for real or legal? Should you be able to get it without a Rx?


For the moment, Superdrol is still legal as it somehow did not become a part of the ban. Cy has stated that it is a steroid and he doesnt know how it can still be legal but it is along with other similar supps (ErgoMax, Phera-Plex, etc). Make no mistake, it is a legit product and has had steroid like effects for many users (8-15 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks).

as for nolva you can find it as a "research material". i wont post links but google is your friend.

hopefully, T-Nation will come out with something comparable to these supps.


Is there any way I could get away with only OTC products for PCT? I only bought the SD because it is legal, and I am not prepared to do anything illegal for a cycle. If that means I have to return it to where I bought it, or sell it to someone else, that sucks, but it's a better alternative for me, by far. But I won't buy prescription drugs, it's just not worth the risk at this point in my life.




No idea what that meams =/


it is sold by various companies under various names rebound being one


is that 1,4-androstadiene - 3,6,17-dione the supplement you are talking about?




Another company calls it:



could this stuff be used in conjunction with a trib product, say Alpha Male, or similar?