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Superdrol/Tri Tren/Sustanon

HI everyone I am quenten from suriname and I like to get some advice on my cycle.

8 weeks stack cycle:

Tri tren 150 mg, i will take 300 mg a week and will be pinning e4d, Sustanon 250 mg I will take 500 mg a week and pin e4d.

1-4 weeks

Superdrol to give it a kickstart and jumb to my injections. So I would be on a 12 weeks stack cycle.

  1. I will use Aromasin through my stack cycle.

  2. Pct will looks like this: clomid/nolvadex

  3. What kind supplements would be best to use ?

First cycle?

Liver support, some fish oil. A good diet should give you everything else a supplement would.

I second atfit’s comment with an add on, we need cycle history including what compounds you have experience with.

I hope you have some experience. Tren is just hard on your body, it’s just harsh in general. You are taking a rather harsh orals as a kick start. If you just ran a short ester cycle then you would not need a kick start, a day or two after you start pinning the short esters would be at active levels and working.

I know what esters are mixed for “sustanon.” I presume tri-tren is a blend of ace, hex, and enanthate. Can you please verify the blend and amounts of each ester in the tri-tren.

Really an 8 week cycle is pretty darn short for most of the esters you have in those blends. Sustanon has cypionate or enanthate and deconate or undeconate esters, I forget which. Since the majority of the mgs in sustanon are long esters then the long ester rule would apply, 10 week’s is the absolute shortest you should run it and really it should be the shortest of 12 weeks. A very similar situation with the tri-tren occurs. The hex ester is something ridiculously long like 16-17 day half life. The hex ester was the only one approved for humane use and that was in France. They approved it for osteoporosis in women. All they needed was a teenie tiny amount attaching to receptors per day to help those women. They didn’t use it for long. Also chances are the blend doesn’t even have any hex in it, the hex tren is ridiculously expensive, like more than primo. If it doesn’t have hex it probably just has more enanthate in it.

They try to market those blends as being the best of both worlds. Short esters to kick in fast and long esters to do the heavy long term work. Just like everything else in life and especially the gym, when you try to do two different things at once you usually at best get mediocre results in both cases. To really get something out of those blends you pin it every other day until the long esters are up to active levels then switch over to all long esters like enanthate then continue that to a traditional long ester time frame like 12 weeks.

So either you need to lengthen your cycle or switch to all short esters. An 8 week cycle of test prop and tren ace would work.

As far as what else do you need? The only thing I would say is make sure you can locate and get a hold of something like prami or caper to help if you have prolactin or progesterone issues on cycle. You can take 600mgs a day of B6 to help keep those levels in check but no supplement is a replacement for a pharmaceutical support.

What is your plan for aromasin dosage?

No not my first, my second cycle…

I appreciate your advice alot.
Aromasin I would take 12.5 mg from day one when I start with my steroid intake. I got informed that I should take super from 1-4 weeks and my injections also starting at 1-12 week.

And yes I work with your advice to lengten the cycle up to 12 weeks.

Everybody is talking about HCG. Can I just use a test booster as an alternative because HCG is not that cheap.

I do not think you should be using tren on your second cycle.

As far as HCG vs test booster. Test boosters from vitamin shops are pointless. They are just taking your money. If you have clomid and Nolvadex for PCT then you should be okay as far as recovery. The HCG might make recovery easier but it is not a necessity.

Ok what is your aromasin dosage protocol? You said 12.5mgs, ok…how often? At 500mgs of sustanon, and as long as sustanon is the only aromatizing compound then 12.5 mgs on days that you pin 250mgs sounds like a good starting point. I bet that will be a good dose for the entirety of your cycle. Just keep your eyes open to watch for signs of high or low estrogen.

I am saying this again NO TREN, NO TREN, NO TREN!!!
No tren on second cycle. No tren on third cycle. No tren on forth or fifth or sixth cycle. Maybe at cycle ten, maybe.
You need to master your recovery from just testosterone first. You hopefully only used testosterone on your first cycle. You will still get wonderful results with just testosterone on your second cycle. If you absolutely have to add something in then look at Proviron. It makes all your gains better, leaner, cleaner and they stick better.

If you absolutely just have to have another strong anabolic in there then choose between dbol or oral winstrol. You could run dbol at the beginning of the cycle to help get the gains going. Remember to watch for extra estrogen, you might need a slightly higher dose of Aromasin during the 4 weeks of dbol. OR, winstrol at the end would help you get the extra water off, burn fat and increase some definition. I personally feel like any DHT helps solidify gains, basically it helps make it easier to keep during PCT and after.

Let me close with, I really think you only need testosterone this cycle because it will still work wonders for you.


Thanks alot I really will follow your advice. I just save the notes you made to me and I will give a follow up on my cycles.

Hi now_i_care I read your notes over and over again if I have it right my stack cycle would be looking like this:

Week 1-4 : - Sdrol (aromasin 20mg)

Week 4-12 : - Sustanon 250 mg. 500 mg/week.
Pin e4d. Reduce the aromasin to 12.5 mg a day.

Week 4-12 : - Proviron.

The last 4 weeks of the 12 weeks: winstrol

Week 1-12 an liver support : tudca

Can my Pct look like this?
Clomid and nolvadex.

No. Superdrol does not aromatise. You absolutely do not need an AI while taking it without testosterone. Man, you’re going to mess yourself up here.

Ohh oke didn’t know…
But if I start taking test from week 4-12 can I take an Al in my cycle?

My man, you need to 0mgs of everything you’ve posted about until you have a better understanding of what you’re doing. You are going to hurt yourself if you don’t study a little more.