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Superdrol/Tren/Test/Winstrol or Anavar Cycle

Hi all I like to get some advice on my stack cycle.

I planned a cycle that looks like this;

*Wk 1 - 6 Superdrol for some bulking

*Wk 1 - 12 Testosterone E. 750 mg p/wk. I will pin 350 mg e3d. ( I already done it and it works pretty well no sides only some minor acne)

Aromasin 12.5 mg e3d my whole length of the cycle.

*Wk 7 - 12 I like to put Tren A in my cycle 50 mg eod. This would be like 150 mg p/wk.( Like to know if I can use the longer es because I just pin once a week)

*Wk 8 - 12 Winstrol or anavar.50 mg eod.

  • For the oral I would use an liver support (Tudca) if there is another alternative I am open to know about it.

  • some Fish oil (like to know if I can use flameout or just a normal fish oil out of the drogist)

My PCt would look like this:

After 2/3 weeks start with:

For the first two weeks
*Clomid 150 mg
*Nolva 40 mg
*Introduce Proviron in to my PCT
*And an multivitamin

For second two weeks reduce the dosage of
*Clomid 75 mg
*Nolva 40 mg

After 4 weeks I would reduce clomid and nolvadex to 40 mg and 10 mg nolva.
And still taking privorin and multivitamin.

Then at last blood work.

So this is how I planned cycle. I hope I can get alot of reaction on it and positive information or advice. Because I am here to learn and I appreciate it alot .

Thank you all…

There’s a roid forum on here.

I’ve never done roid cycles but I know about TRT and fertility drugs. That’s a ton of Clomid! And why would you reduce the amount anyway? Why use nolvadex after?

To long in my opinion

Why would you introduce something suppressive into pct?

What previous cycles have you ran? Which ones have been successful. It seems like you might be just throwing some stuff together here hoping for the best.

My suggestion drop the superdrol run the test and if you wish add the tren and a oral at the end. Altho that’s probably overkill as well.

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You’re going to need to have a lot more time off between the superdrol and another oral. It is very, very nasty stuff and you should not plan on touching another oral for a while after that.

Your pct isn’t a pct, so that’s a little bit of a concern.

bench and deadlift?

Yeah, forget superdrol whatever you do

Thank you Brickhead for your feedback. The clomid and nolva is what people inform me. But for my self I still searching for more advice on this cycle. And I appreciate it that you have your concerns about the clomid and nolva. Cause I am learning and looking what the best way is to do my cycle in a save manner.

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I know people who corrected their sperm count and T levels with HALF A TAB of clomid per day.

Before TRT, I used clomid for my hypogonadism for a half a tab and my T went from 240 to 790 in a month!

Dan Duchaine, Mr.Steroids himself, so to speak, recommended new roid heads to use 500 mg per week with nothing else.

I’m no expert and never did steroid cycles but I know some stuff from years of bodybuilding and having some serious bodybuilding friends (one O competitor, and another serious NPC veteran from the 90s). It seems to me you’re going overboard for your first time.

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Thank you Brickhead I appreciate alot I will look at my cylce again.