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Superdrol: To Add or Not to Add to Cycle?

Quick run down, planning on starting a cycle in the near future. Havent been on gear in a couple years. Body fat is currently about 13% so I’m running clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off @ 60mcg ED and training hard to lower my bf% before starting cycle. Goals of this cycle are for lean gains and basic body physique. Diet will be on point. If I use superdrol I will increase carbs by alot while on but then cut back down carbs once I start the winny. Past 5 cycles experiance includes t bol, d bol, anavar, test p, test e, tren a, mast, clen, t3, winny.

-this will be 6th cycle.
-26 years old
-5’9 tall

Weeks 1-8
Test P, Mast P, Tren A 400mg/wk

Weeks 1-4
Superdrol 20mg ED ?

Weeks 4-8
Winny 50mg ED

Weeks 10-14
Clomid 100/100/50/50

Weeks 1-14
HCG 250 2x/wk
Aromasin 25 2x/wk

I cant change test mast tren dose because it’s a cutmix blend. My original plan was to run the winny weeks 2-6 but I would like to add some strength and size so was considering experimenting with superdrol the first 4 weeks then changing over to winny, this would also avoid 2 weeks of the winny pain. I understand superdrol is very toxic and would be taking all precautions and utilizing the proper liver supplements. I’m not looking for advice on how toxic it is or anything like that. Basically I’m wondering if anyone has done anything similar to this and what their results were.

Also everyone says to run caber with tren but honestly I never have and have ran 3 cycles with tren ace and had no issues. Is it absolutely necessary? I’m getting older it’s been a couple years since my last cycle so maybe my body doesnt recover how it used to… should I now use it as a precautionary? It’s just expensive and am not going to buy it if majority says it’s not worth it. Thanks for the replies

I’d start at 10mg and see if you actually get what you want out of that before going to 20. It’s powerful stuff. I ran it for a total of 20 days before I tapped out. Put on 4lbs which went away within a week. Strength was genuinely impressive though. If not for the fact that it made me wish for the sweet embrace of death I’d totally use it again.

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