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Superdrol/Test-Tren Cycle. PCT Advice?

Hi everyone,
If I would have a stack look like this one below:

First 4 weeks superdrol 40 mg splitdose through the day. Use as a Kickstarter. 1-4 wk

Week 1-12 blend test 250mg and tren 150mg pinning e3d Test 500mg with in it Tren 300mg

This seems to be me like a very powerful cycle and I really want to know can I get advice or informed of all the supps I need to go through the cycle save and have the lowest sides effects.

I read that the orals can give liver damage and the injection substance can give water retention, high bp and libido decrease.

I never tried this cycle but I really like to what all the supps I need to lower sides ,be save during cycle what I need to do and how and for the most important how my PCT MUST LOOK LIKE FOR THIS CYCLE…

You’ve already been given the answers in your other thread. They’ve told you to drop the Tren and laid out your PCT as well. They’ve literally given you a step by step guide, which you have just ignored.

Are you hoping the answers will be different this time round?

RIP. You will be missed.

Ha ha ha ha LOL​:grin::grin::grin::grin:

That’s a genuinely stupid amount of the most powerful and toxic oral you can take (mtren notwithstanding). You cannot possibly need that dose. You won’t gain anything after week two because you’ll be too lethargic and sick to even go to the gym. You will beg for the sweet release of death.

I understood and definitely will go with all your advice…

Honestly I love the information I get on this forum…