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Superdrol Side Effect Question!


I'm new to the site and was hoping to get some information on curing my side effect. I took 2 bottles of Anabolic Xtreme SD at 20 mg a day this summer into the fall. I followed this up with 6-oxo. I am now experiencing sore nipples. I have never used illegal steroids. I did, a few years ago, use AST's prohormone product with no side effects.

I am in my mid thirties and I am willing to do whatever it takes to cure this problem, even if I have to use SD again and then PCT properly. I did look at the posts for SD and noticed Cy recommended using Alpha Male and Carbolin 19. I am not sure if I should do this now or use something else first. A quick side note. At my age and present condition should I go and try to get legal gear?


you did 2 tabs daily straight through 2 entire bottles? you have gyno probably and might need surgery, and if you did run it that long (most people say 3-4 weeks MAX), you better get some blood work done to make sure you are OKAY....your liver could be screeaming for mercy, not just your nipples.

If I read out of your post wrong forgive me, but seriously have me worrying.


Yes I ran through the 2 bottles like I said. I just found this site and love all the info. I would never have done this if I found T-Nation before taking SD. All the information I found before said 2 pills per day was ok. F@#K!

The soreness isn't bad it is more of a sensitivity. I don't notice it wearing any type of clothing. I only notice it when I push on the nipple with force. I just know it is more sensitive than before.

Um with that said what can I do now. I will make a doctors appointment today, what do I ask? Should I still take some sort of PCT now. Is Alpha Male, M and Carbolin 19 the best? I found M on another site because it isn't sold here anymore. I know I should cycle M with Alpha Male, is taking M on the 2 off days from Alpha Male good... I will even take other prescription meds if needed to solve the problem. Thanks for the response. I am a realist so please feel free to keep giving straight forward responses.


Dude, you fucked up...bad. Did you run ANY Liver protection? Drink Alcohol?

I never go more than 3 weeks on that stuff.

2 bottles equalls 180caps at 2 per day is 90 days, or 12 weeks. HOLY SHIT. Your own test production was shut down in week 2. 6 oxo is not enough to bring you back. Guaranteed your Blood profile is fucked up too.

Buy some Rebound XT, and Alpha Male at a minimum and do that for 8-10 weeks. Use Picolosanol, Fish and Flax Oil to help with the blood cholesterol levels.

At this point you may want to grab some real PCT - Nolva or Clomid to be safe.

Get your blood checked now, then in 12 weeks see what happened with your new PCT.


I forgot to mention. At the end of the cycle I took a bottle of liver formula :
milk thistle extract 175mg
dandelion root 85mg
ginger root 60mg
burdock root 60mg
radish root 60mg
parsley root 35mg
and then a 2 step body cleanse.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
I will do whatever it takes to get my body "normal" again.. I just scheduled a liver function test also.
Thanks B


Write down everything you took and the exact protocol you used IE time table dosing include whether you drank or took any other medication IE over the counter or prescribed, take it to your physician and show it to him.

He may chastize you but you are a big boy suck it up get some blood work and liver function tests done he may even ask for kidney tests.

The soreness in the nips is probably the start of gyno from the aromatization.

Again I have said this before please be careful seeking medical advice on this or any other message board, if you have any concerns about your health whatsoever seek competant medical attention right away if the physician does not seem to take your concerns to heart get a second opinion you are entitled to it.

Please to not consider this a chastizement but it all ways frightens me to think someone might avoid proper medical care based of fear, embarassment or missdiagnosis from a untrained source on a web site. (NO offense) in order to have your symptoms properly assessed your doctor must see you in person and must know everything you did.

Good Luck to you and all the best.


Thanks for the response!
I got so freaked I just overnighted Alpha Male 136 cap, Carbolin 19 and M. I had to get it from another site cause T-Nation is out of Alpha Male and doesn't list M. I don't have a problem doing nova or clomid if necessary. I just need to research it here more cause well I never thought I would need to use the shit.
Thanks again for the response and keep the advice coming.


It's more important to have the liver supp. DURING the Superdrol cycle.

I'm wondering if this product and company will have some law suits going. How many people out there bought this stuff thinking it was a supp like a Methoxy7 or creatine and never cycled and never did PCT? If you don't research this, you'd never know what's in it or how to used it properly.


I can't think of one single "pro-hormone" or whatever you want to call it that doesn't say how long to stay on. I've seen some copanies reccomend up to 6 weeks. However, I'm pretty damn sure I've never seen any of them talk about 2x's that. Eitherway, you've already done the 12 weeks so that's neither here nor there.

Personally, I'd get some letrozole and nolvadex from an online "research chemical supply company" and some atd , I can't post sources but pm me and I'll help you out. On top of that here's some other things you should seriously look into NAC, Milk thistle, Celerey Seed or twin labs bloodpressure control (on sale right now at the VS real cheap), Red yeast rice and COq10, niacin, policosinol. I'm curious what your sex drive is like if you don't mind me asking?

BTW not to try and take advantage of your big WHOOPS!!! But you could make a real positive spin on this for all of us here! You mentioned making a doctors appointment. I and I'm VERY VERY certain many of us here are interested to see exactly what your blood work liver ect. looks like. Any questions you may have on what tests to request you need done just ask. REgaurdless, keep with us on this one and hope everything turns out alright.


Wow, my first cycle of SD I stopped after 10 days of only 10mg due to the lower back problems. Much better with taurine...

I can't imagine running straight through 2 bottles! Keep us up to date on what the doc says, I imagine a lot of us are curious about it and good luck!


'Nuff said. Get some Letro.


Wow! I am just starting a 3 week PCT of Alpha Male, Rebound XT and Carbolin 19.
This was after running 3 weeks of Superdrol, 20 mgs/day.

I did experience the lethargy and low back pumps, but added 5 lbs muscle along with concurrent strength gains.

I was planning on then running another 3 and 3. It is possible for me to add or replace something with some Nolva.

You all have me a little scared.
I hate to hijack this thread, BUT what is everyone's thoughts on this?


You just defined my cycle AND exact PCT. You should be fine, but stay off 2x longer than on and check blood levels before going back on.


Thanks Rockscar,
Not sure you understood me- I was hoping to run 3,3,3,3 consecutively.
Entire 2 cycles would last 12 weeks.


I have no problems answering any questions. I messed up bad but if I can help other people I will. My sex drive was less than normal but I still got emho (early morning hard on) every morning.

I did notice a significant increase when I took the 6-oxo. The unfortunate thing is I wasn?t aware of what SD was so well I took it to hopefully keep my gains while I only trained once a week.

I did train hard the last month and all my strength came back in that time. I get really strong when I gain fat so I still wasn?t aware of what it was doing. My gains were only to my previous non-SD bests. I will also post all my test results as soon as I get them no matter the outcome.

Should I start the recommended PCT before the tests?


I just aquired some letrozole and Nalvodex. I also have Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 and M. From what I've read so far it looks like very low amounts of letrozole to start and taper up(.5mg/EOD). After let then nalvadex. I am not just going to start taking this I am still looking at other posts.

I do have a problem because I am going on vacation thursday (flying) and I am not sure if I should take letrozole before going and then when I get back? I'd rather not take it with me. Please espond.


Well I finally had blood work done. It has been about 9 mos since I took SD and everyhting is within normal limits. So lucky me well except for the extra fat in my chest area. The extra fat is without lumps though so I guess that's good.


Might wanna give yourself some time off the SD.

I gained a bunch off the stuff, but the sides are just not worth it.