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Superdrol PCT Questions

HI I am 17 and have made the mistakes of doing 3 cycles of superdrol with a month in between each. Right now i am finishing up my 3rd cycle of oxydrol (i have about 12 days left). Anyways I got a new PCT called Arim Evol with 3 main compounds

10 mg -2a, 3a- epithio- 17a-methyletioallocholanol
10 mg -1,4,6 etioallocholan-dione
10 mg -3,17-keto-etiochol-triene

I was just wondering what you guys thought of PCT also I feeling nervous and wondering if you think i should even finish up my 3rd cycle?
thanks very much


I wouldn't associate "Superdrol" with a PCT.

Because a PCT is something I would reserve for real AAS.