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Superdrol NoMore


Many of you guys may already be aware that Superdrol has been Discontinued.

Anyway I am in my second week of PCT with Nolvadex and Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7, Alpha Male And ZMA No loss in strength yet and None is anticipated either
Actually I hit a new bench PR of 320 today after going over 300 when I cut the cycle short.
After 2 more weeks of PCT I am contemplating doing the Protien Cycling program
and while on the low protien phase looking into Large compund movements using light weights and high reps
Going to failure mabey 2 times durring the 6 weeks.


Bummer, the stuff really worked well too.

Anyway, not everthing works for everyone....my attempt at the anabolic diet only left me with a shoulder strain which has taken weeks to heal.

Personally, I wouldn't do it. T-Dawg 2.0 always does me well.


I presume this means discontinued from AX, yet sites will continue to sell their stock until gone?

I suspected this would happen sooner vs. later, so went ahead and ordered another 2 90-ct bottles to last me into '06. Shortly, all that will be left are the 60-ct bottles selling @ 90-ct prices until they, too, are history...


Yes, the AX brand is still widely available if you look for it, even in the 90ct bottles. Rumor has it that many of the knockoffs will need to be pulled soon as well, though I have yet to see or hear anything definitive on that.


I know it's worked really well for some, but it did next to nothing for me. I've got 2 90-ct bottles left. also, if anyone knows about some more M1T that'd be awesome, as I BLEW up on that.