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Superdrol + Libido

I took a “test booster” about a decade ago. It was sold to me as a regular OTC compound, but when i did my homework i realized that it was a PH combo … Superdrol and another -dione mixed with it.

Why did this compound make my libido SKYROCKET?

I have never taken an injectable Anabolic and hear a lot of guys say these things typically kill your libido …

Just curious how Superdrol specifically effects libido like it does …

I’m guessing it was maybe DMZ (but that whole era is sort of fuzzy for me). Sdrol is a DHT derivative and libido boost is a known reaction to it. As is massive pumps, huge glycogen retention, and strength gain. Honestly, if not for the wicked toxicity it would be kind of the perfect oral steroid.

Here are the ingredients:

Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving:
Super Drol- 12mg

Tren- 40mg

Caffeine- 100mg
Milk thistle- 150mg
Nac- 100mg
Aakg- 200mg

Ah, I see. Man, that’s quite a combination there. Who or whomever came up with that had some odd sense of drug protocols and effective doses.

i am assuming it was likely manufactured in the 2007-2010 range… i could be wrong but thats a good guess - and that this was at the end of the legal phase of PH and maybe they were trying to get cute and package it as a “test booster”

back to my original question - why woukd a drung combo like this make someone sex crazed? I see a lot of posts about superdrol say it can either kill or ramp up libido…

i am learning more and more about hormones and libidio (including the thyroids role - who knew??) and i am curious as to why this [erticular compound effected me the way it did. I put on a TON of weight as well

Because it’s a DHT derivative. Very androgenic. With those kind of drugs you get heightened libido. I mean, pretty much all AAS are going to heighten libido if you’re using them correctly.

thats interesting. i was thinking it was the oppossite. I have heard “deca d!ck” quite a few times on the message boards

That one is tricky because it requires a lot of moving parts to work without causing ED. But when I used a therapeutic dose of deca I had a higher libido than ever before or since. So it’s individual.

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for some reason, i was thinking it was an estrogen derivative …its been a while since i researched this … what else is a DHT derivative?

EDIT - nevermind you are right

DHB, masteron, proviron, primo, Stenbolone, epistane, anadrol, and a few others.

There’s some mystery gyno with anadrol and superdrol that’s allegedly from a progesterone effect, but the chemistry is way over my head.