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Superdrol Has Ruined Me!


Ok, 2 years ago I ran a month cycle of superdrol.

I used shitty torimefene for pct and it aggravated my gyno.

To this day, I still do not have a libido and my erection quality is dog shit, and I have gyno lumps that i can feel.

This is my blood work - i have had two blood tests spaced 6 months apart with similar results. I am 23 years of age with 400 test. THATS NOT RIGHT. I have no libido, bad erections, depression, etc. This all started after my superdrol cycle and not before. So I am 100% certain its the superdrol.

lipid panel
cholesterol 160 range <200
triglycerides 121 range <150
HDL cholesterol 42 range >39
calculated ldl chol 94 range <100

estradiol 15 range up to 56
FSH 1.9 range 1.5-14.0
LH 2.5 range 1-9

testosterone 404 range 241-827
test free/total with shbg 404 range 241-827

calc free test 10.4 range 6-27

What can I do to restore everything working right? I know I am late but I want to exhaust ALL of my possible options and try to restore my HTPA.

compounds I can get my hands on:
hcg, nolva, clomid, letro, and aromasin

compounds I will need help finding:


Please help devise me a PCT schedule that may potentially get my body producing high amounts of natural test again.. the superdrol has crippled me.

Thanks in advance guys, im desperate !


You can start running nolva/Clomid until the problem subsides. Which is the ghetto way to do it.

OR you can start dosing letro.

I would recommend the letro therapy. It should stabilize you in a week or two.

2 year is a very long time, even without a PCT you should be mostly recovered after a year.

Id get on the letro asap.


this is what i have tried with 0 success

I ran clomid 50mg everyday for 4 weeks with 12.5mg aromasin everyday for 4 weeks. I also ran a prolactin inhibitor ed for 4 weeks.

0 changes. no improvement. gyno still there. libido still gone.

what about hcg? isnt that important? i mean shit im pretty shut down if im at 400 test at 23 and i cant get horny...for ANYTHING.

edit: and if you still believe I should stick with the letro, how should I dose it week by week? I need a dosing schedule please


Just that fact that you state you are '100% certain' that the superdrol is causing these problems makes me think you need to do a little reading up. There is no way you could know that. Its like these footballs players and dumb kids coming out, without any knowledge and blaming steroids for all their problems.

your test is 404, that is not terribly low, certainty fine to deal with. I think most of your problem is mental.


"I have received, literally, hundreds of emails over the past couple of years, resulting from this dangerous prohormone/prosteroid(call it what you will) "superdrol".

The people who market this drug, along with the retailers who sell it, should, first, have their testicles cut off without anesthesia, then they all should be sent to jail, for producing, promoting, and retailing a dangerous product.

The list of health damage from superdrol runs from gyno, to damaged HTPA's, to liver damage.

These people involved with superdrol are the scum of the earth, and if *****is one of these people, then YOU are scum of the earth, as well.

Superdrol is a garbage drug. It is beyond my belief that a hepatoxic, HTPA-inhibitory drug should be allowed to be sold OTC, particularly to teenagers. For the life of me, I can't understand why the FDA and the DEA hasn't gone after the lowlife parasites involved with superdrol, and jailed them all.

If I seem harsh, it is because I have witnessed real tragedy and permanent harm done to innocent people's lives, due to these dangerous OTC steroid products.

****, your friend, sadly, was very poorly informed about how to deal with the use of a steroid drug, in particular, post cycle HTPA recovery. IMO, he has done some damage to his HTPA. But what befell him is utterly commonplace amongst superdrol(and other OTC steroids) users. The majority of them have no clue about what they are actually doing to their systems, nor do they have the proper tools and information for post cycle recovery of their HTPA's. Even when your friend did get onto Clomid, it was not only late in the game, but he was on it for too brief a time.

What I have seen a thousand times in my work(and why I am so very committed to advocating short cycles) is that the shorter the time you are HTPA inhibited, and the faster and stronger your post cycle HTPA recovery program is, the more likely you are to successfully and fully restore your HTPA. Conversely, delaying the recovery, or engaging in a weak or too-brief recovery program, results in a vastly increased liklihood of a damaged or weakened HTPA. "


if you dont have anything to contribute to my plight, I would appreciate it if you would just stay out of it and let those who are kind, compassionate, and knowlegable help me...


I hear your case

But I dont think superdrol is guilty, of your gyno lumps next is a tab from a site in the UK ,

What is Superdrol?
Superdrol (SD) is marketed as a 'pro-hormone' (PH) in the post-ban era of pro-hormones. Following the ban of most pro-hormonal substances in the States, including the likes of 1-test, 1-AD, 4-AD, M1T, etc, Designer Supplements designed this 'pro-hormone' based on the steroid Masteron, with an additional methyl group attached to the 17th carbon position. It is described as a cross between anavar and masteron, with the virtual inability for aromatisation to estrogen. It is highly anabolic (400-800% more so than methyl-test) and a lot less androgenic (~20% of methyl-test). Superdrol has hence been given the name Methasteron


Dude, you sound crazy. You can never be 100%. That being said, I ran 3 2-month cycles of superdrol and copycat brands. NOne with proper pct unfortunately, and of course, I got gyno. Just had the surgery. But all my readings stabalized after a year.

I agree its a crappy drug,it was created because real steroids are illegal, but at least we know exactly what to expect from them, these designer steroids were all a gamble when you took it.

You knew that when you bought it, I knew it, and we all paid for it. Suck it up, its not even on the market anymore.


superdrol should not have prolactin effects.

There is nothing particularly special about superdrol compared to other forms of AAS.

Its not some crazy ass progesterone or something, its fairly standard.

If you damaged you HPTA its because you did a steroid of any kind, that superdrol happens to be the one that did it is somewhat irrelevant.

You did a PCT with tore, youve run clomid at a moderate dose for four weeks, which may not have been long enough, but is still something.

And you've dosed aromasin with it...so that your AI would not be effected by the SERM...

You basically did everything "right" and still got screwed.

I was assuming this was just a simple "PCT gone BAD" due to inexperience it appears otherwise.

You can try the letro at .36-.45mg/day and run it till you see results, if nothing else it should raise your test a bit.

If you try to use HCG were going to need to run something a little more complicated.

A combination of nolva, aromasin, and HCG would be a last resort from my bag of tricks.

Your going to need one of the REAL chemists in here, Im just a bro.


Is TRT not an option?


Hes 23, so not if he wants kids.


just an idea to try to help but Dopamine is a inhibitory hormone of Prolactin, but it also inhibits growth Hormone.


this is true, besides I dont know of any doc tha twill administer TRT to someone in their early 20s

but what about a short term low dose TRT.

example a 6 week or so blast of test with proper ai and then recover from that properly.


yes its my fault for running shit pct originally. i take responsibility.

moving past that, lets keep the ideas coming fellas, TRT is not an option - its a last resort.

so far we got letrozole lined up..


Like I said, aromasin, nolva, HCG followed by low dose letro is the last resort for recovery.

Its the big guns so to speak.

Its more complicated but it should work if JUST the letro does not.

I would try the letro first that should fix everything.

It was also suggested you simply run another short cycle and then attempt to recover from that properly.

That is a viable option, its not "technically correct" but it should work. Kinda like hitting reset if it is infact your estrogen levels that are the culprit.


There are many with lower levels than you. Many with free test below the ref range threshold. That is not to say it is not cause for concern. Of course the libido, erectionb, and depression issues are the real problem here (and I am not saying they are not brought on by male hormone deficiency).

I think you should see a good progressive endocrinologist. I am not talking about the ones that have their heads buried in the sand, but more the ones mentioned in "The Over 35 Lifter" forum. I am not saying you see an endo for HRT. I am saying you see a progressive, knowledgeable endo for a consult on your hormonal imbalance and gyno.

Contact KSman for a referral...


Things aren't looking good for me then...I'm only 20 and TRT is the only option

Edit: /hijack


Man looks like someone fucked the pooch hard.


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14% bf. not that fat, not ripped either. you can see the top 2 abs, thats it.

would 1000iu of hCG for ten days straight be over kill?