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Superdrol & Getting Sick


Has anyone become ill while on Superdrol? I am wondering if Superdrol weakens the immune system. I recently caught pneumonia while on Superdrol. The doctor said my white blood cell count was way down.


It usually is when you're sick.


I don't know about its effect on WBC but superdrol made me feel like absolute shit. Felt like I had a slight case of the flu. Bad stuff, I am staying way far away.


WBC usually goes up with bacterial infections, leukocytosis. Goes really down when your nearing sepsis, leukopenia. It can go down with some viral infections also.

You can get sick whenever. A good immune system does not make you impervious to infections, just less likely.

And yes SD could influence the immune system like other AAS. Generally, it improves immune system modulation. Of course, evidence is still lacking however.



Totally agree here. I did one 3 week cycle and caught flu-like symptoms twice. I thought it was just me.


Thanks for the responses guys.