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Superdrol/Epistane Cycle Help


Taking this for 6 weeks and while on the cycle for 6 weeks I'm going to be taking Arimidex because I have had gyno before but got on letrozole and pramisol to get rid of it (still a small buildup behind one nipple about a half peanut size). Can anyone tell me the dosages (from the serm and al sticky it says .5mgs can get rid of estrogen up to 50%)/when to start/if i need to taper off or start out on a lower dosage then work my way up. Also, I'm going to be taking Nolvadex as my pct. Could anyone also tell me the dosages I need to take for that/what week (guessing 5th) of my cycle to start/and if I need to also work my way up or taper down. I've read a substantial amount of threads and the dosages differ depending on what your taking and the strength of it. Also, should I be taking anything in conjunction with the Nolvadex as my pct or after I get off the Nolvadex. Going to start in 3 weeks so I want to go ahead and get what I need and be sure I know how to properly use it.