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Superdrol/Dbol Cycle Question

Hi guys I just started a cycle of Superdrol at 20mg ED along with 20mg of Dbol ED. I’m a week into the cycle and have started to notice some sensations in my left nipple (slight burning like). There is a small squishy lump-like thing directly under my nipple.

I have Tamoxifen Citrate on hand and was wondering if this could be the start of some gyno developing and if so, how many mg’s of Tamoxifen I should be taking in order to counteract this. I have read some posts on here saying that the compunds in Superdrol don’t aromatize so it is rare to see gyno pop up. Others have said cases of gyno occur with Superdrol often. I know that Dbol converts into a potent estrogen but at only 20mg’s a day which isn’t a very high dosage I’m wondering if it is gyno developing.
Any educated help is greatly appreciated!


Did you do a search before posting this?

Ya I did a search, trying to get some opinions though on it.

What info did you find in the search? How much tamoxifen per day and for how long did you read?

I’ve seen people saying 10mg ED, 20mg EOD then tapering off once symptoms subside. My cycle is only going to be 5 weeks long and I’m 1 week into it.

Those doses may be appropriate for preventing gyno before it starts. You are clearly on your way to developing gyno. You should be using an AI in the first place to control estrogen but since all you have is tamoxifen, it’ll do.

Try 60mg/d for a few days until the burning/itching goes away. Then slowly taper the dose down.

What are your plans for PCT. Do you have enough tamoxifen for both on cycle and PCT?

Ya I have around 1000 mg’s of Tamoxifen left. My plans for PCT is a 4 weeker. Tamoxifen Citrate- 40/40/20/20 mg’s ED once off cycle. I can get more if needed.

Also, I assume its recommended to spread dosages of the Tamoxifen throughout the day? Say 3 times per day at the start of 20mg’s?

I’ve tried that before for PCT. I won’t do it again. For whatever reason I’ve found the single dose more efficient. No blood work to back that up though. I dont have a concrete answer for that question.

Alright. I thank you for your input! It’s muchly appreciated