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Superdrol Dangers?

I’m currently about to start my 3rd week of my cycle. I’m taking 20mg of superdrol everyday. I’m thinking of going for 3 weeks. I got 1 more week to go and I might drop the dose to 10mg because I’ve been getting some weird sides. I have random chest pains, my jugular vein in my neck hurts and today at work the blood vessel in my index finger popped and it got swollen and hurt. Should I be worried? Is it the superdrol? Should I stop the superdrol all together? I’m also taking test and eq but I have a strong feeling it’s because of the superdrol. Should I be worried? I don’t wanna have a heart attack

you probably should have put this in pharma maybe the mod will move it.
Are you measuring your blood pressure? If I had your symptoms I’d probably stop everything gains are not worth dying over. What exactly are you taking on your cycle?

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