Superdrol Bunk... Maybe It's Fake

On my second week of superdrol being added to my blast and I want to say that I think it’s dbol because I have gained a lot of water weight with it. Adrol didn’t make me this watery. Anyway what do you chaps think about it

You shouldn’t have any water retention, so you’re probably right about it not being superdrol. Did you get it from a reputable source or is it from a UGL? No names of sources, obviously, but I’m curious if it was sold as a legit product.

Nope it’s a ugl, but I’ve used there orals before and were bang on. Oh I’m controlling the water retention right now I’m gonna run it for 10 more days

That’s so strange. I used SD for 19 days before I couldn’t stand the sides anymore, and I remember getting a great pump and feeling more full. But water retention wasn’t there. Weird. Anyway, good luck my friend.