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Superdrol Assistance, Please


I have been lifting since i was 15. I am now 18 and I was wondering if going on superdrol would be a good idea. I have tried two andro supplements in the past. I hear that superdrol is pretty close to a steroid and I have prepared all the supplements for a stack and a pct. i just want to know how much more i would need to take for someone over 260 lbs? I am going to stack about 350g of protein just in powder, nitrus oxide, growth hormone, dhea, animal pack's m stack, and cla. After the cycle I will be using novadex. Another problem is the animal pack m stack has everything i need to prevent side effects but will it be enough with my huge stack?


There is an article about superdrol on the Muscle Talk site.

I think there is pretty everything u need to know in there.


I used to be a HUGE steroid powder dealer, and right off the bat, I can tell you know your shit. The potent synergy between, the NO, DHEA, and Superdrol should yield SICK pumps.

My friend who's REAL big, and used to be called Captain Curl in highschool looked at your plan, just shook his head and said DAAAAAANG. I aint shittin bro, strap yourself in and get ready to motherfrickin grow, BOOOOI.

I'm thinking of doin one of those Halodrol stacks by Gaspari, or something drol, anyhow I may PM you to really fine tune this SICK stack I'm gonna do.

Holler back yall,
Dad's Audi 5000

PS Is Animal Stack legal in Nebraska?


uhhh kfall wtf dude im confused and praying that you are being sarcastic



Intentional or not, that's funny stuff.


To make a joke like that, you must know what superdrol is.


sounds like you know enough to know that he is messing with me. what do you suggest?


I used superdrol before. I cant tell you about all the right or wrong ways to use it. I just took 4 caps a day for 3 weeks. Thats all. As I read more on this site, I found everyone said to use PCT and some stuff I have never even heard of. I just ate alot and lifted everyday, same as I have always done. After 3 weeks I weigh 285 and do 500 lbs in squat, deads, and bench raw and cold. I did notice that each day I felt a little down and dehydrated.

After I was done I had the highest bodyfat I ever had but I think thats an even trade for the strength I gained. I still have a bunch left and Im not sure if I want to take anymore because of the way I felt down and I like to stay a bit leaner. I thought of using the rest for cutting but I know it wont work the same without eating A ton of food and protien.


A friend of mine just finished Superdrol and while he did gain a good deal of weight, he looked kinda bloated, lost his breath really easily toward the end, and had really bad lower back pain (also at the end). It could've just been from the rapid weight gain, but I'd say watch out for shit like that.


This guy is 18. He should not consider this until 21.


yea first of all you are 18 so i wouldnt advise taking it but if you are going to id take 20-30mg a day which is 2-3 capsules for no longer than 4 weeks at a time followed by PCT which should include clomid or nolva just look for the other superdrol thread it should have everything you need to do but id advise against taking it for now


I totally agree. Even if it is legal, nobody that young should be touching it. Let your body develope naturally at this stage.

For anyone else, that muscletalk article mentioned earlier is nice. just google it.


Where do I begin...

To anser your question and to echo Rockscar, NO do not use SD. Like everyone should be telling you you can make awesome gains at your age just by doing what the majority of us do, eat big and train heavy and consistent.

21 is the age where you would even begin to consider this. i am using SD as we speak but i am 24 and have done all of the research needed and know what and how much to use. i would love to tell you what is wrong with the SD outline you proposed but i fear that will encourage you to go do it.

for informational purposes, the SD stack you have outlines is not optimal and your PCT is also very sub par. if you want to use a supp that will help gain muscle and strength SAFELY and naturally please PM me and i will help you out. i was in your shoes once and made mistakes with andro myself.


Dammit, I need to work on my reading comprehension.