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Superdrol and Testosterone Levels


ok so i was on a 16 week cycle of test (350mg/week) and tren (75mg/EOD), i quit taking the tren around week 10 and my last test around 20 days ago which should be completely out of my system and i can def tell it is since my sex drive is in the toliet and ive lost 6 pounds or so from the higher estrogen levels and water retention.

i am now currently taking a superdrol clone 30mg ED and have been for around 2 weeks and will for another 2 weeks. which just to say i love superdrol, i have become 10percent stronger across the board then i was on test and tren, my muscles are rock hard. and since starting superdrol id say my BF dropped about 3% (also do partly to the lower estrogen levels since estrogen really reeks havoc on my body) and id say i prob have gained around 6 pounds of pure muscle so just to let people know i would def throw superdrol in your next cycle never had these type of gains before with any other steroid and i have zero side effects thus far. the clone is CEL M-Drol.

ok for mu question ive had bloodwork done a few times while off cycle. ive had it done before i ever touched a steroid and a few months after a cycle. i have naturlly low test levels. the first test (the one before i ever juiced) i got 202ng/dl with there scale being 250ng/dl to 750ng/dl. and they had me do another one 3 weeks later early in the morning and i only got 268ng/dl. i did one a few months after a cycle and came up with 324ng/dl. i am 25 and overally very healthy so these reulsts are very dissappointing to me.

anyways i have been thinking for a year or 2 now about going on HRT since i feel much better and overall have a better quality of life while im on test so im not trying to get on HRT just so i can build muscle. but if i have them test my testosterone levels while im on superdrol what will they show? are my test levels going ot be really high due to the Superdrol or will they not be affect and just show what they are actually at since as far as a i know superdrol doesnt actually convert to testosterone. and yes i know its a little early to get blood work but i was going to have one done in a few days and then another around a month and half later.

so basically will the superdrol completly screw up the test levels or not affect them> thanks


your test levels should be next to zero while on superdrol. what else would you expect?


So basically 6 days after your previous cycle ended, you started superdrol?

20 days ago was the last shot.
2 weeks ago you started superdrol

Why would you not take more time between cycles...thats retarded.

As far as trying to get TRT....
I would just wait till your next scheduled appointment, go in, and get on TRT.. especially if your levels are that low.

How old are you? I was denied TRT due to my age, and had never done anything prior to the test.


jesus christ.

superdrol will shut down the HPTA. please do some actual research.


Wool woo there guys I didn't start another cycle so close to the other. I end my cycle with superdrol with out out testosterone on purpose because test makes me bloat so bad and wanted to see how it went finishing up a cycle on superdrol.. just like many people "jumpstart" a cycle with an oral I finished with one since results seem to bog out 8 to 10 weeks in since your body seems to raise your catabolic hormones to match the extra test.

So I thought about trying an oral at the end to see if I could get any gains in the kate part of the cycle. Which actually worked out really really well. And yes I realize it doesn't make a whole lit of sense if my catabolic hormones are raised that any kinda steroid would combat this but I had heard of people on a diff board switching compounds and having good results. Which like I said def prove to be true for me.

But seems I got my answer my test levels should be.in the toliet.... next time read a little more closely to my post before telling me to do more research and saying I started a new cycle already. I mean I never said I was trying to bridge and I. Haven't started my pct yet.


And accidentally threw the excat dates off I started superdrol the same day as my last test shot. Which might of thrown some off even though im pretty sure most people just enjoy thinking everyone else is a tard about steroids besides themselves espically ones using a pro steroid.


Superdrol IS NOT a prosteroid/prohormone.


First off time on=time off.

And second even if you dont do the full time off: I did an 8 week cycle, 3 weeks PCT of Clomid/Nolva and then I took two months off and started another cycle. Even that in reality wasnt long enough.

The Fact is your last test shot coincided with your Superdrol intake. And SD is not an "oral" persay in Gear talk. Your bodies natural test production was already down because you were injecting a foreign chemical into your blood stream via the muslce. Now as the test youve injected over 8 weeks tapers off, you've just ingested orally SD which will keep your body's HPTA down. Test keeps dwindling and still your body isnt producing its own test because you continue to ingest SD and inhibit the HPTA from kicking in. Next day, more SD...test levels drop further. You become lethargic, moody, develop acne, loose muscle mass.

Dude research your stuff. Eat right. come off right. pct. continue to train. Otherwise, its doing dumb stuff like that, that gives gear a bad name and messes peoples systems up.

If you're gonna "bridge" which it looked like you wanted to do, i think? Stick to DB not SD. IMO


What will dbol do that superdrol wont, when it comes to bridging to PCT?

Your paragraph about the effects of superdrol during a bridge is a whole mess of 'bro-talk'. No shit the superdrol keeps the HPTA suppressed during the bridge to PCT. But thats completely irrelvant. The HPTA wont begin to recover until the SERM PCT is started. And obviously the SERM wont be used at the same time as the superdrol. The activity of the superdrol is short enough to use it the day before the start of PCT.

Seriously, thats a bad paragraph. Theres more wrong with it than what I just identified but whatever Ill leave it at that.


I have estrogen probs so that's why suoerdrol and not dbol. I never thought I would recover during the superdrol part.

Honestly I think your really missing my only question. Will superdrol show up in my test levels. MEANING DOES SUPERDROL CONVERT IN ANY WAY TO TEST. that's its. Not will my natty return or can I bridge to my next cycle or should I start another cycle now.


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No clue? Not sure what.you mean as far as if superdrol would increase my test levels (as in the way taking testosterone enathate would not as in restoring my natural levels) then no I didn't which is why I came on this board asking the question.

Thought it was simple enough question but all but one response just criticized me using superdrol at the end of the cycle. And like I said I used it to try to gain a little more muscle at the end if my cycle (which worked beatifully) and so I can start pct right away when I have no anabolc drugs in my system instead if waiting fir the enathate to slowly taper off.

So why does everyone seem to think im an idiot for ending my cycle this way. Honestly I want to know and am willing to listen if I am making some huge mistake im oblivious to. Seems to me people mid understood why I used superdrol thinking I was trying to bridge to another cycle or started a whole new cycle right away. All im trying to do which is working very well is gain a few more lbm in my cycle and be able to start pct the day after I stop using steroids. Instead of guessing the 2 weeks after test e. And when stopping test e you have lower than optimal test levels the last week from the tapering off.

Has no one ever heare of this method? I know that use orals ar the end use them while they still have testosterone still in them but I just wanted to use superdrol alone so I would have the estrogen bloat which effects me badly. I actually use letrozole at. 75mg a day which doesn't do much besides jeep my nipples from being very itchy which they do badly and fast so now I can use an.anabolic without having to use the high amounts of letro


Anyone? Honestly want.to know why ending my cycle this way is so bad


A lot of people bridge orals up to PCT. Superdrol cannot convert to testosterone. It is not a pro-hormone. It is an active steroid.


Dont blame everyone else for not understanding your posts when you write with the organizational skills of a drunk chimp.


yeah i admit my post are written kinda shitty because im using my cell phone and dont really spell check and that with autocorrect they come out kinda shitty.

but anyways the fact is thank you for the answer that superdrol does not convert to test. all i wanted to know

so for all the poeple that jumped to conclusions that i was using superdrol for some other reason besides ending my current cycle, next time just ask what i ment instead of just insulting me and wasting a post. telling me i have no idea what im doing when you dont even know what im trying to do is just ignorant.

maybe if someone asks a questions instead of saying you have no idea what your doing you wont recover on superdrol or telling me its dumb to start another cycle so early. you could of just asked hey are you trying to recover test levels while using superdrol or are you starting a new cycle that early. and i could of said no im not, just wanna know if superdrol in anyway converts to test in anyway to make sure it wont interfear with getting my test levels checked.

and i did just get blood drawn and am having a full hormone panel done. ill post results in a week or so, hopefully someone will tell me im dumb for that if im lucky


In reality, yes I completely agree with you. I've been on this forum for about 3 years and have read pretty much everything from both Bonez and bushid, this was my first reply/post.

.but anyway my point is that if doing a bridge, such as what it seems like he wanted to do, why use something like superdrol, that is so much more harmful with half the desired results than the real thing (if youre going to F yourself and inhibit your natural HPTA anyway without the SERMS...aside from you loose half your gains, no?) IMO. DB atleast leaves you feeling great, albeit has the same suppression.

Regardless of that, stick to time on=time off and never start unless you have everything you need.


My point wasnt to highlight to use DB instead of SD. My point was to highlight that you need to let your HPTA recover by letting your system naturally reset during and post SERM. I like the hoopla with the "bro talk" too bc yes sometimes that does apply


i totally forgot to post my results. i do not have the actually paperwork on hand, but my test levels were at 170ng/dl. and thats after being on one anabolic steroid or another for a little over 20 weeks. so take what you will from that but there might be some validity to the whole 5mg of d-bol or whatever else people try during a bridge since my test levels were not at 0ng/dl. so my body was still producing testosterone while in the presence of steroids