Superdrol and Blood Pressure

Greetings fellow T-Nationals,
I need your help. I recently took Superdrol 10mg tid for 2 weeks. I noticed an acute and exaggerated increase in blood pressure. For the past week, I’ve been off and taking Alpha Male (old formula) and Carbolin 19. However, my blood pressure is still elevated to the Stage 2 Hypertension level (around 170/90.) To say I’m concerned is a little bit of an understatement. How soon after finishing a cycle of SD should one expect to see reductions in one’s BP? Does anyone know a way to rapidly return my bp to normal values?

Aside from the obvious health risks of hypertension, I’m also concerned as I’m scheduled for a military related physical in about two weeks. I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble if my BP isn’t reduced to at least a high normal level

All help, advice, and tips will be greatly appreciated. All excessive criticism, scolding, and/or flaming will only serve to upset me and increase my BP more :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

That was the one drawback I noticed about superdrol except the toxicity. Usually disappated within 5-7 days after the cycle. It helped if I cut my water intake which is very high never under 2 gallons a day down to 1 gallon.

Thanks E-man.
Unfortunately for me, at least, its been more than 5-7 days, and I’m still not seeing a decrease. I wonder what I’ve done to myself, and why I’m not seeing any change. In fact, I thought the Carbolin 19 might have a positive effect. Is there anything in the Alpha Male which might cause the BP to stay elevated?

With a systolic blood pressure of 170, you are at a significantly increased risk of stroke. Please go to a doctor immediately and get a prescription. You can take it slow with the medication if you want, but you do not want to let this go for much longer. Spontaneous strokes can happen with a BP this high no matter what your history is. Take care of this. The doctor will likely try a diuretic or diuretic combination first. Please heed this warning, no one wants to see you get hurt permanently

I’m all for freedom and against outright bans of supps and drugs by out of shape fat slobs trying to plea$e lobbie$, but Superdrol is the poster “supplement” for righteous folks to demand banning of muscle building pills.

In less than 10 days on Superdrol, I gained 6 pounds of DRY mass, not much strenght but still impressive, yet my blood pressure skyrocketed, and I never, and I mean NEVER had any problems with blood pressure before.

I felt like a walking heart attack, seriously. Of course I stopped the SD. It took a few days to get back to normal. Now I read in here that many folks get gyno with it.

It is NOT a supp, it is an UNTESTED ROID. Now that’s what I call shady marketing. To top it off IMO, they really push the idea that there are no sides…

I doubt the SD is the problem, especially after a few weeks off.

The following can help:

  1. Hawthorne Berry

  2. Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium rich foods.

  3. Co Q10

These should have been some of the staples before, during and after the cycle. When I ran SD My BP did not go up.

I just wanted to say, that today I tested 156/90…still high, but improving. If it doesn’t reduce significantly more soon, I’ll see a doc. I’m trying to avoid meds if possible. (Why is it I’ll self-medicate with SD or other “supps”, but avoid drugs to treat legitimate problems?)

Just an update…
I had a physical today and the BP was at 138/80. Borderline, but not nearly as bad as before. Doc is not putting me on any meds, but would like me to be re-tested in a month. Thanks for the support so far.

PS - anyone want to buy a partially used bottle of SD? j/k (I’m not really trying to sell the product on T-Nation…but I am also not going to use it again(