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Superdrol Alternative?

My college roommate took Superdrol last year and got great results out of it… I wanted to try it but now its off the market. Anyone have any way around this or an alternative? Thanks.

Sure how dialed in is your current training, and diet including peri workout nutrition, sleep, etc.

Those will be #1 before any supplement.

Use real steroids.

Superdrol is a piece of shit.

I personally know someone who took it and got delayed gyno.

The real stuff has been out there for a long time, superdrol was on the market for the blink of an eye.

Do you really know what the hell it does? Or worse…what it could be doing and what effects will only show up in another 5 years.

I’d skip it.

You get in the same shit for SD that you’d get in for having the real deal now, anyway.

My 2 cents.

Good suggestions from the others, but as far as supps… try the new Alpha Male with a 30g/day BCAA protocal for 4 weeks. I’m positive that good things will happen.

basically all the superdrols and other “drols” out on the market today are pieces of shit and wastes of money. they are all either second or third batches made by the company after the bans, so they are no where NEAR as potent anymore. i got my best results from stacking Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 together.