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Supercompensation, Training Every Day?

Supercompensation occurs when you lift hard enough for a period of time that your body can’t recover from. You get to a point where you’ve lifted so hard that you’re now 10% weaker than when you started. You deload for a while and, voila, you surpass your former self because fatigue dissipates faster than fitness. An example is Bill Starr’s advanced 5x5 method.

My question is: Why wouldn’t you work out with significant intensity/volume every single day? Even multiple times a day? This would undoubtedly put you in the hole much faster. Then deload for however long it takes to allow full recovery. It should get you to your goals quicker shouldn’t it? Makes perfect sense.

(I imagine there’s a reason most elite lifters don’t do this… John Broz excluded)

There’s a difference between over-reaching and over-training. You can compensate with over-reaching, you don’t recover from over-training. That is why one must find balance with how deep they dig themselves.

Why wouldn’t you? Because it’s difficult to maintain and keep everything in balance if you actually have any life outside of the gym. Psychologically it can be quite a challenge. Not that it can’t be done.

Take a look into “dual-factor theory”.

I feel you are confused about the definition. Your body supercompensates everytime after you put it through an intense workout.

Purposefully overtraining to the point of excess systemic fatigue for a length of time and then deloading in the hope of a rebound in performance sounds counter productive in my opinion due to the unpredictability of recovery time and the negative effects on other aspects of your daily life.