Supercompensation Program

SO there it is, starting on Thursday morning, ill be doing Charles Poliquin’s Supercompensation program.
WIll i finish it, God knows but im willing to try it anyway :slight_smile:

I think i can, i have been doing 1 week supercompensation, so 2 weeks will just be mentally draining, im used the to the strength loss/strength regain bit of it.

Also i will be doing his Insulin Resistance protocall, as done by CT i used to eat a shedload of sweets n fizzy frinks in shit still do every now and then but this is my cue to fully exterminate them from my nutrition.

Besides that, not much else to say. Im doing this mainly just so i cannot finish 1 rep early or rationalize myself out of a set. For 2 weeks i will be seriously damaging myself so if my posts get a little off the wall excuse them :slight_smile:

After this, i will then turn to Waterburys “30 day Mass Plan” which is of the same principles but less harsh.

Ok so the program found here:

Thursday, Saturday, Monday �?? Train twice per day

Friday, Sunday, Tuesday morning �?? Train once per day

Wednesday �?? Off

Thursday, Saturday, Monday

Morning Workout

A1) Back Squat, 5 x 4-6, 5 x 4-6, 40X0* tempo, rest 100 second

A2) Leg Curl, 5 x 4-6, 5 x 4-6, 40X0 tempo, rest 100 seconds

B1) Lean-Away Chin-ups , 4010 tempo, rest 100 seconds

B2) Dips, 4010 tempo, rest 100 seconds

Evening Workout

A) Snatch Deadlift on platform, 10 x 6, 5010 tempo, resting 3 minutes between sets

B1) Seated Dumbbell Press, palms facing each other (semi-supinated), 5 x 6-8, 4010 tempo, rest 100 seconds

B2) One-Arm Dumbbell Rows, 5 x 6-8, 2011 tempo, rest 100 seconds

Friday, Sunday, Tuesday

A1) Front Squats, 5 x 4-6, 40X0 tempo, rest 100 seconds

A2) Kneeling Leg Curl 5 x 4-6, 40X0 tempo, rest 100 seconds

B1) Close-Grip Pronated Pull-ups, 5 x 6-8, 3011 tempo, rest 100 seconds

B2) Incline Dumbbell Press 5 x 6-8, 3110 tempo, rest 100 seconds

Ok so thats the program, for nutrition i have read, read, read and did i say read ? lots of things and also pmed a few people to ask their thoughts. Special thanks to Prisoner for giving me alot of suggestions and for these 2 weeks i will be adopting many of his ideas.

Meal 1:
4 egg whites and 1 Egg Yolk
3g Flameout 2g Evening Primrose Oil
1 Scoop Grow! Whey Protein (Biotest)
3/4 cup steel cut oatmeal with splenda brown sugar (you can mix in your whey protein if you like, or also add calorie free syrup from walden farms)
Add in a multivit if you like.

Meal 2:
8oz Turkey/Chicken
1 Bag of BROWN Rice
3g of Flameout
2 Table Spoons Flax Seed Meal

2 scoops of Metabolic Drive Complete
1 Tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter

Pre Workout:
10g BCAA’s

40g BCAA’s
2 scoop Surge
1 scoop glucovol (basically waxy maize)
1 scoop whey protein isolate
start sipping this 3/4 through your workout
5g Creatine
10g Glutamine

Meal 3: (post workout)
8oz Red Meat
1 cup of pasta and red sauce or white rice.
2 Cups Brocolli

Pre Bed:
1 scoop DESERT protein mixed with 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese. Add splenda brown sugar and cinimmon spice and mix untill powder is all gone. Add a small amount of skim milk if still too dry or if using the dry curd cottage cheese.
You can also use Walden Farms pancake syrup -the berry flavored to really make it taste like cheese cake.

Enjoy Desert protein is pure calcium cassinate as is the cottage cheese - perfect for bed.

Ok so thats the nutrion, so that leaves the Insulin protocall:

Insulinomics: 2 caps per meal
Fenuplex: 2 caps per meal
Ultra HCL 3.0: 1 Cap (1st day today on it, got the “hot tea” feeling on 1 cap)

Ok so thats all, for after i have ordered Alpha Male and Rev Z, so will start them when i finish to boost my t levels back up.

And that is that, less writing more doing. Rool on Thursday.

24 hrs left till the start !
I cant wait for it to begin now, thank god for 1 weeks holidays ^^

Going to the gym in 1 hour, no hope of going yesterday forgot i had a hospital appointment !
Today it begins WOOHOO

Good luck, looks like a tortuous program. i’m intrigued by this insulin protocol, do you mind explaining what that is?

Good luck with this program, it is a BITCH. I made it a week and 1/2 before I stopped. I liked the program but my joints were taking a BEATING. I personally took a nap in between lifting on the days I had to lift twice. It really helped me recover for the second workout. If possible for you, you may find it helpful.