Supercharge Mag-10?

I was just wondering… would I get good results for bulking if I stacked the Tribex I ordered and the Mag10 for the next four weeks ??? Instead of cycling one after the other?? Would the Tribex help to sort of supercharge the Mag10 or would I be better going Mag10 than Tribex??

Tribex is used to boost natural T production. Mag-10 is an androgen. Natural T production is suppressed while on androgens, therefore, T can not be boosted while on Mag-10. Tribex won’t over come the Mag-10 T suppression and you would waste your tribex. Use the tribex to restore T back to normal after coming off the Mag-10 cycle and thereby preserve your Mag-10 gains. Good luck.

Hey man, it’s a good thought. But it has been said before that it isn’t a good idea, prehaps a money wasting idea to stack the two. This is because Mag-10 will send your T though the roof without help of anything else, but it will supress your natural T in the process - Tribex however will bring your endocrine system back up to par, restoring your natural T and then some. hope i could help - P

Actually, to be more precise, MAG-10 will
send your androgen level very high (4-AD
and Androst-1-ene) but not your testosterone level. It doesn’t work that way. In fact testosterone levels don’t increase: the amount that’s produced by conversion of 4-AD just counterbalances the temporary reduction in production caused by the inhibition.