Supercardrives - One More Attempt

In like 10th grade I was hitting 225 at like 130, 135 lbs. BUT (AND that’s capital fucking but with bottle rockets and lasers and other pyrotechnics effects) I had been coached/training by some very winning wrestling coaches for years at that point, and had weights at home, and 3 older brothers and many cousins to try to keep up with.

It was probably 20 years later before I hit 320lbs. at 160 though.

Interestingly enough, both times someone else was managing or directing my lifting.


damn @darthmason I haven’t seen your stuff on the forums before but that might be the best post on this whole thread.
I hope @supercardrives is out there somewhere sticking in the 5-12 rep range with a barbell, doing the work and staying off social media.

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