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Supercardrives - One More Attempt


25 November 2021 Legs Abs

25 November 2021 - General stuff:

  • Weighed in at 78.3kg (same as yesterday)
  • Slept 6h26m
  • Calories still around 2750

25 November 2021 - Legs Abs Workout:

  • 3x5 - 215 lb deadlift, tried 225 again but didn’t feel right after 2 reps and didn’t want to risk it, just my 4th time deadlifting, i think i went a bit too aggressive.
  • 3x12 - 35 lb dumbbell walking lunge, slow movements
  • 3x12 - 200 lb leg extension machine, yay progress
  • 3x12 - 150 lb leg curl machine, same as last
  • 3x12 - 150 lb seated abduction machine
  • 2x12 - 290 lb calf raise machine standing, pause and slow movements
  • 2x12 - 90 lb on lying down crunch machine with neutral leg position

Looks good. Be careful trying to progress leg extensions


Thanks, noted. Will make sure I’m comfortable and not swinging/cheating before moving

Still have DOMS in biceps from Wednesday’s session. I have shoulders/arms tomorrow but I will work through the DOMS. The DOMS might just be because I upped weight on curls AND also controlled the movement and negative esp.


Yeah. I have a break in period for 2 weeks where every session creates doms. Then Bam, they go away completely and I can literally destroy tissue and not notice.

Everybody is different though.


26 November 2021 Arms Shoulders

26 November 2021 - General stuff:

  • Weighed in at 78.2kg (-0.1kg from yesterday)
  • Slept 6h0m
  • Upgrading calories to 2850 @boilerman, seems like my BW has stalled, but I just hope I dont gain even more fat on my already fat frame.

26 November 2021 - Shoulders Arms Workout:

  • 1x10,1x9,1x8 50 lb DB shoulder press, arms parallel to ground at the bottom
  • 3x12 dumbbell lateral raise with 30 lb dumbbells
  • 3x12 115lb on reverse delt flye machine
  • 3x12 with 100 lb on tricep extension machine
  • 2x12 seated supinated dumbbell curl with 35 lb, controlled

Monday’s workout will be interesting. I am upping calories to 2850-2950 now and see what happens. I’m just really worried I will end up gaining a lot of fat rather than muscle considering I already have a lot of fat on my frame.


Never be afraid of a little fat gain super car, you can always burn it off.

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27 November 2021 - Rest Day

  • Weighed in at 78.3kg
  • Calories 2900
  • Slept 7h30m

Aim to get in 15-18k steps today


28 November 2021 - Rest Day

  • Weighed in at 78.5kg
  • Calories 2900
  • Slept 7h10m

Average weight for 21-28 Nov was: (78.3 + 78.0 + 78.3 + 78.3 + 78.2 + 78.3 + 78.5)/7 = 78.3kg (-0.2kg from 15-21Nov), but this was the first week I increased calories, I am hoping to gain 0.1-0.2kg per week from here on out (and hopefully the lifts increase much faster.


My waist around belly-button measured in at 31.5 inches at night, 28th November 2021. Here is a pic:

Still carrying a lot of fat, seems weird considering 31.5 inches is probably quite small for someone 6 foot, is it just lack of muscle or a generally very small frame? I still feel like I got 2 inches more I can go down (but that would be a 29.5 inch waist).

@mnben87 @boilerman
Any idea? You guys were talking about waist earlier I believe

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It’s been 25 days. Trust your plan.

Who cares about that tape measure, how do you feel? Lifts feel good? feel stronger? Shirt fit different on your shoulders? feel more confident?

Don’t for get you started to eat more, what were you expecting?


Thanks for the reply man, yes I’m sticking to the plan, and yep everything has been feeling very good so not dropping calories, still 2900 and plan is to gain weight indeed.

I was more just curios about 31.5 inch waist on a 6 foot man. I imagine if I cut way later I might even be able to go sub-30, which is… interesting

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don’t worry about the measurements. I track biceps, waist at navel, and thighs so i can attempt to track fat loss and muscle loss while in deficit, but they aren’t to be used for much else. Take these jackasses for example:


Lmao, yeah I’m feeling pretty good, not that concerned with 31.5 inch waist. I was more just curios if by look I have a small waist-structure or something :slight_smile:

Hoping for a good workout tomorrow :pray:

nothing wrong with having a smaller waist structure. do more lat pulldowns and force your “wings” to grow. It will help with a stronger V-Taper

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I wasn’t talking about it my man, you were. I was talking about forgetting all that stuff and not worrying about all the inconsequential details. Worry about the stuff that actually matters.


:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

BENCH PR ALERT :alarm_clock:

29 November 2021 Chest Tris

29 November 2021 - General stuff:

  • Weighed in at 78.3kg
  • Slept 5h41m
  • Calories 2900, might go up to 2950 or 3000 this week…

29 November 2021 - Chest Tris Workout:

  • Bench Press - 3x5, with 155 lbs. I was warming up today and felt easy on 145, skipped 150 altogether and went straight for 155, hit 3x5 with RPE I’d say 8/9/9, I think there is even a good chance I can hit 160 next. #RoadTo185Bench, all aboard the train! @ejones1 @tlgains upping calories must have helped, feeling very good
  • Incline DB Bench Press - 60 lbs dumbbels, 8x8x7 clean reps, RPE close to failure,
  • Chest fly machine - 130 lbs, 3x15
  • Assisted dip machine - 3x12 “3rd pin from top on assist,” it has no weight written on it but I know its under 25 lbs of assist, but I am close to being able to do this completely bodyweight and then I guess I can start adding weights - this feels so damn amazing on triceps towards the end. I also do a full stretch and controlled negative moment.
  • Tricep extension machine - 3x12, 100 lbs on tricep extension machine, controlled.

Overall damn feeling good, Road to 185 bench and then road to 225 bench, not giving up at any cost, winter is here in Ontario but we gon’ get in no matter what :pray:


Hell yea dude!!! Consistency and hard work laying off! Keep it up


Hell yeah man, going to see this until the absolute end, and you guys will be here to witness the journey :pray: , really glad I started a log here, I want to look back at this in 1-3 years :slight_smile: