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Supercardrives - One More Attempt

Great analogy. You don’t react whenever your daily value fluctuates; you just trust the growth trend over whatever your investment horizon is.


Very useful words to live by esp in training.
Long term changes will matter the most, 6-12-24 months from now…, just need to always make sure that the trend in 1-2-3-4 months is on track for those 6-12-24 month milestones.

One “goal” is to be able to bench 225 for 5 by October 2022, so this is my 12th month milestone (it will be right before I turn 24). What a great birthday gift that would be :slight_smile:

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Bless up :pray: :pray: I’m hopeful too :slight_smile:

I would say bump up to ~2900 calories a day and push as hard as possible in the gym. (I know RPE scale is what you are using, but that is incredibly subjective, especially without a lot of experience pushing to true failure).

More calories = better recover = faster strength gains. At your stats fat will still likely melt off for the next few months.

Edit: Also, don’t worry about what you weigh so much. For being as tall as you are, you’re body weight isn’t terribly high.


Yeah dude, not sure how tall you are, but I’m 6’ 200lb and I do not look like I lift. You’re going to have to put on some weight eventually.

Edit: directed towards @supercardrives


That’s the next plan if weight remains stable still, I’ve slowly been increasing calories from 2200 to 2700 right now, if I still remain stable, I’ll up it further; let’s see how my weight/workouts change this week.

@boilerman I am 6 foot as well, but I might have a smaller frame/bone-structure than you. How big are your wrists/torso? My wrists are roughly 6.2 inches and torso is naturally small bone-wise so I doubt I will weigh 200 anytime soon lol.

Edit: 200 lean that is

I do have a woman’s wrist as they call it. A lot of the big lifters here will probably have 7.5-8.5 inch wrists (average male wrist is 7.25). Generally the bigger the wrist, the bigger someone’s bone/structure/frame so you’d weigh higher by default all else equal.

Ayyyy we’re the same height dude

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You won’t be 200 because you eat like a bird.

I am a naturally small guy, too. Before I started lifting I was 165lbs and not a muscle in sight.

Not a large framed person by any means, right? It’s taken me over 3 years to put on 35lbs. Just commit to eating big and lifting hard. Stop over analyzing everything. It’s as simple as lift-eat-repeat. Lift more weight next time, add in food when it gets tough.


I can’t believe that’s you. that’s amazing.


Nice, any current pics/lifts?

have you browsed his log yet?


Just saw it.
Nice, just to point out, I’d definitely say you look like you lift even if that is 200 lb at 6 foot, but my perception might be considered very non-lifter like compared to peeps here.
I’d be pretty content at that physique myself

Thank you dude, but I’m pretty sure you are the headliner when it comes to transforming yourself haha. What you’ve done is absolutely insane.

@supercardrives current lifts are that 390 DL for 5, a 355x6 squat, repping one plate OHP and closing in on potentially be able to hit a two plate bench regularly at 200lb bw. If you look through my log I have a ton of pics, I’d rather not post them all in here.

That pic was more for a “wake the hell up, dude”. We’ve all been there. You need to eat and you need to lift. That’s it.


Yeah lets see, will keep it going :100:


Just want to point out this fact.
@supercardrives you cant hang success or failure on not having a 225 bench, this dudes a friggin monster and yet struggles to master 225. Some ppl were born to bench and can hit 235 easily, but you, me, and @boilerman are simply not those ppl. We can be better than most of them though, because we eat well and lift consistently and hard.

Ps @boilerman ya know I finally got 225, but last few weeks bench has “gotten heavier” and I haven’t tried 225 lately; I may not have it today. I’ve definitely not mastered it. I will within the next few weeks/months, after I get the squat.

@supercardrives again just to hammer this home, I’m talking about more time than your log has existed just to "master " a weight I’ve already lifted before. Not to reach a heavier weight even. This takes patience.


You know, that is quite interesting.
Just today I saw someone bench 225 with so much ease, he wasn’t that muscular either, but he was very lean (and maybe 5’8) so that could be why he didn’t look very jacked; don’t get me wrong, that would still be a dream physique, but not what I expected when I saw him warm up with 225 and bench 295 later on.
But I have also seen a ton of people struggle with it.

Yeah that is true, it’s just a goal, if I get it that would be great. My main goal is still hypertrophy, the reason why I even mentioned “225” bench is because that has generally been around the area where I see the most people have a reasonably good physique (according to my standards that is) so I guess the strength standards are related in some way? That’s the only reason really, other than that I don’t really care about absolute strength; the progression is needed, otherwise I doubt I’ll get the size (which is the goal).

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@jdm135 I appreciate the compliment man, and you’re right. Some people are built to move weight differently. It doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to, but some extra work might be required. That’s a good thing though, in my opinion. It makes me work harder for what I want.


Yeah thats true, I still believe I will get this 2 plate bench at some point.
All things seem daunting at first, even University when I started as a foreign student was daunting but with enough focus anyone could clear it.
I didn’t take gym seriously until recent when I realized damn I’m already 23 lol, time is flying and I need to buckle down on the pilot seat and actually control this shit.

Most importantly, I didn’t take diet seriously at all. I was having garage food everyday for months, years. I’m glad there is a nice community here, at least keeps me zoned in on my end goals.


24 November 2021 Back Bis

24 November 2021 - General stuff:

  • Weighed in at 78.3kg
  • Slept 6h10m
  • Calories still around 2700-2750

24 November 2021 - Back Biceps Workout:

  • 3x8 - underhand lat pulldown with 165lbs. I will try to make the reps more controlled soon and keep this weight
  • 3x12 - row machine with 165 lbs, reps were fairly good, I think I can move up here
  • 3x9 - T-Bar Row with (45+35 plates) = 80 lbs total weight, good reps I would say, I think I will try 3x10 next
  • 3x12 - Rear delt flye machine with 115 lbs
  • 1x10, 2x8 - Seated Dumbbell supinated curl with 35 lbs (+5 lb progress), reps were also slow controlled and focused on the negative
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