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Superbowl Final Score


C'mon, everybody.

Steelers 42, Seahawks 17


24-21 steelers





Seahawks 17-10.


31-17 Steelers!


Steelers 28
Seahawks 21


Steelers 35
Seahawks 28


Steelers -31
Seahawks -10, I am a little drunk but that sounds right. And even if hes injured on the first play Jerome Bettis is the MVP




Looks like it's you and me against the world.
I'd take you as my wing man anyday!


27-24 Seahawks

With both running games kind of stagnant, Hasselbeck will be the MVP.

Oh yeah. Bettis retires. But that's a given.


Steelers 34 - Seahawks 14
I think the Steelers D will be too much


Steelers 31
Seahawks 13


118 to 96 tigers over the lakers


Seahawks 28-17

I still don't know why they are not favored? They are by far the better team. 5 starters in the probowl, gimme a break! $100 gets you $165! Easy money! I'm from D-town, and I'll tell U, I cannot wait until the end of the game. I'm the only one I know thats picking the Seahawks.


Seahawks 2
Steelers 0

Seahawks score on a safety in the second overtime when a bad snap goes over Pittsburgh's punter's head and through the back of the endzone.


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Steelers 100, Seahawks 0.

Oh, wait, that was just my dream last night. In reality... Steelers 31, Seahawks 17.



Answer. They are not favored because the bookies know and the gamblers know the are going to lose. The bookies give the underdogs enough points so that people will pick them and try to make the split 50/50. If Seattle was favored, nobody would ever pick a losing team that you have to take points off of.


Ditka 17, Seahawks 14