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Super Tuesday, vote for Edwards

I just want to tell all the Democrats who are voting on Super Tuesday to look at www.johnedwards2004.com and check out John Edwards’ priorities and practical solutions for America.

I’ve noted before that conservative guru Bill Kristol says he does not know one Republican in Washington who thinks that Edwards won’t be more challenging than Kerry. Edwards is also polling nationally higher than Bush.

Finally, Joe Trippi has noted that the Deaniacs are halving into two camps: stick with Dean on the primary ballot and switching to Edwards. They seem to think that John Kerry is part of the problem, not the solution. You can check out Democrat Mickey Kaus’ column at Salon to see John Kerry’s various failings: http://www.kausfiles.com

In Thursday night’s debate, John Kerry opened up talking about a “positive message” and “real solutions” (the name of Edwards 60-page position paper, and on Edwards’ website and campaign bus) when mostly what he’s been doing so far is going negative on Bush. Kerry knows that Edwards’ message and attitude will appeal to independent voters in the general election more than the one he has offered so far (which was stolen from Dean).

Very regularly, weird information suggestive of Kerry’s hypocrisy slips out. By November, there are going to be a lot, and this will turn off the swing voters Democrats need to win the election.

You can still vote for Kerry against Bush, if that’s the way it ends up but I think John Edwards would make a better president. He will return the Democratic party to a sincere and enlightened populism. Please vote for him on Super Tuesday.

Thank you,
Brian (an independent from NY)

And Christopher Hitchens speaking just days ago:

"I have always thought have John Edwards does have exactly that capacity. He’s able to move crowds and appeal furthermore to crossover voters and wavering Republicans. That’s I think going to be the crucial thing.

John Kerry appeals to the Democratic base. He is a Massachusetts Democrat with a voting record roughly like Teddy Kennedy’s. That’s fine, but it doesn’t have much crossover appeal. It’s already quite clear that Edwards can appeal beyond the Democratic base, and, of course, as everyone stresses, in the south.

So if the Democrats pick Kerry they will be knowingly picking someone who will be easy meat for Karl Rove in the fall. I happen to know, Karl Rove hopes it isn’t Edwards.

If enough Democrats get that impression in time, and can dispel the idea that Kerry’s nomination is inevitable, which it is not, then the thing could turn around really quite fast.

I don’t say that it will, but it’s entirely possible that it would."

“Sincere enlightened populism” (eye roll).

I phrased it that way to differentiate deep personal conviction in cerain domestic priorities from both “phony” and “demagogic” populism, which we know well from our political history.


Here is what you are going to get: four more years of G. W. Bush! Just relax accept it and you will then not feel so badly when it occurs.

Kerry will indeed be the nominee (although I have no record for picking nominees, only for picking Presidential winners). And Bush will beat him and that will be that. Now go into a corner and meditate on that, breath in B U S H…breath out B U S H.

There…don’t you feel better already?

zeb, looks like there’s talk of a kerry/edwards ticket, and polls show that is a winning ticket; it has more support than each candidate alone vs bush. this election again will be close, unless bush fires cheney and looks for a more appealing vp this time around.


Yes, a Kerry, Edwards ticket would be the strongest one in the fall. However, historically when it comes down to flip that lever, people do not vote for the Vice-President. They vote for the man at the top of the ticket! And any way that you slice it Bush beats Kerry!

President Bush whether he Keeps Cheney, or not, will be re-elected. And yes it will be close, almost no matter who the democrats nominate. This country is deeply divided almost down the middle. That however is another topic.

As to Edwards Populism, the guy is worth 50 million dollars, are you aware of that Brian? Kerry on the other hand puts him to shame, he is worth 500 million dollars! (a half a billion).

Our “rich” republican President is worth a paltry 15 million. Edwards wealth and the fact that he was a trial lawyer are both factors that will dull all of this populist appeal that he is so good at emanating.

Here’s to 4 more years under commander-in-chief George W Bush!

LOL, guess who’s voting for Bush from the Demeocratic side… The one and only Ed Koch. Which leads me to believe there are no good canidates on the Democratic side.

Duh?!?!?! diesel23 can u make up your mind one day you say Bush is dumb or an idiot any yet today you say 4 more years for BUSH. So, which is it? Are you for Bush or on you on the other side?

If we were to have a Democratic party president, I would want it to be Edwards.

It’s really all about geography. Kerry is the perfect candidate for Bush to run against.

Kerry being from New Hampshire will draw strongly from the northeast. He will win virtually every Northeastern state. Exactly what the democrats do not need, as they pull well in these areas anyway regardless of the candidate.

Bush on the other hand will win virtually the entire South most of the mid-west and also many western states, perhaps even California! After all, the Californians already voted for one Republican not long ago.

Oh, please. Edwards EARNED his money; Kerry did not (and neither did Bush). Edwards was the first person in his family to go to college (and not Yale, he went to state schools) and then tried very respectable lawsuits against insurance companies. Read the Constitution. It says the “pursuit of happiness.” Edwards doesn’t say it’s bad to be rich; he says the poor should have more opportunity.

A Kerry-Edwards ticket would show up Kerry’s WEAKNESSES as a candidate. Kerry-Richards or Kerry-Gephart or Kerry-Graham would make Kerry look better and be more sound-minded electorally.

But John Edwards will make a good President, and at the top of the ticket, he will be the most formidable threat to GWB.

Wait a minute…Dick Cheney is still alive?? Damn, I didn’t know that.

The true irony of the John Edwards persona is that he made his money as an ambulance chasing attorney … “Been hurt in an accident? Call Attorney John Edwards for your free consultation.” I’m in the TV business and sell these scumbags the airtime they buy. They love shows like Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake because as they tell us “people who watch these shows aren’t too smart…” or “We don’t like people who know how to play the game.” Basically he made his money taking advantage of poor people while driving up health care costs with these falicious settlements.

I realize he’s playing the nice guy persona now, but do we really want an amulance-chasing lawyer in the White House? You Dems are in trouble.

Edwards kicked Kerry’s ass in the Democratic debate this morning!!!

Jeff1968, John Edwards’ case record is actually pretty noble, not ambulance chasing at all. There are some good lawyers who will fight for you, like if your daughter’s face gets caught on a raised drain at the bottom of a pool.


Yes, John Edwards is good ole’ Southern lawyer who just happened to coach quite a few clients through tough cross examination. I can hear him now. (Thich southern droll):

“Look boy you want some Munnny! Then yall gotta play da game -right boy? Now when that ther lawyer goes to askin ya if yall wuz a hurtin ya gotta holler out just as if yez a havin a pain right then and ther.”

Seriously, Don’t think for a second our friend John Edwards has not coahced more than a few fakes through corss examination. That is what personal injury law is all about! You do not make 50 million dollars as a defense attorney by playing it straight every time!

I know my share of defense attorneys and trust me on this one, Edwards is nothing more than an amubulance chasing husckster. Let’s see now, what other southern lawyer became President? Oh yea…Bill Clinton!

Brian, I hate to burst your bubble pal, but Edwards is a fake! Fortunately, I don’t think we will have to put up with his brand of politics, at least not this time around.

(But,I would keep his phone number around if I were you, you might fall down on the job or something).


Well, I know a lot of fine Southern lawyers and trust me, they’re just as bad up here in Yankee territory. Not to give Edwards a pass, but us Yanks pioneered the ambulance chase.


Oh, I agree completely!

That’s why I love you ZEB