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Super Training

Could anyone tell me where I could get this book online? I’ve been loo king for awhile now with no luck.

Simply look at this page, elite fitness



I just ordered it from elitefts.com

Awesome. I already have Zatsiorsky’s Science and Practice of strength training. I got that from amazon.com, but when I searched for supertraining there the only result was “Supertraining your dog” :frowning: Thanks guys.

Anybody know why the cheapest shipping to me for the book is $10.30 ?

Anywhere else possibly cheaper? If not i’ll just end up buying it from them, but all of the prices there are steep.

Far as I could see, the book was never widely published or distributed, I think these people probably got it from Siff himself. Now that Siff is no longer with us, I’m guessing it will be getting scarcer and scarcer.