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Super Totals (Olympic + Power Lifts)


Hey everyone,

every 6-8 months I like to test my bench, squat and deadlift all in one day just for the hell of it.

I train the bench maybe 6 times a year and never do deads, but i do pulls on a very regular basis with 90-100% of my snatch/clean.

my Numbers are: Snatch 125
Clean and Jerk 150
Bench 125
Squat 190
Deadlift 210 (with straps)

all at about 96kg body-weight (compete at 94)

Just curious what everyones #s are. Thought it would be a good conversation.


Snatch: 122
C&J: 147
Bench: 135
Squat: 201
DL: 200

Bw 90kg

Looks like my Snatch, C&J is weaker then yours. I've had about 6x misses at 125, 10x misses at Jerking 150 and 2x at 151.

My squats are stronger but my DL is weaker then yours. My DL will forever be cack due to my prolapsed L4 so I never really DL.

I got my BP from 118-133 in 6 weeks. I maxed every Saturday for 6 weeks LOL. From 133-135 was another 3 weeks or so. This isn't a TNG, this is more like a springboard! I don't BP as my right shoulder REALLY doesn't like it :(. I did 100 for 16reps also, that really f0cked it up. I can do push ups, it just doesn't like being blocked by the bench.

Going to smart smashing pulls again after the English this Saturday. Hammer out Squats and Jerks. Squats at the start of all of my session.

No coincidence that I did 110/135 yesterday and I front squat 150 for a double and 155 for a single. Strength is coming back to me after about 10 sessions!



Snatch 115kg
Clean & Jerk 125kg
Squat 170kg
Bench Press 150kg
Deadlift 250kg

at 105kg BW


Snatch: 80 kg
Clean + Jerk: 115 kg
Squat: 180 kg
Bench: 120 kg
DL: 226 kg

Bw 72.5-75 kg

My snatch sucks. I also couldn't train it for about 2 months because I injured my wrist. I've really gotta start hitting it hard if I'm ever gonna do 100. I can also jerk 125 from the rack, but I can't clean it. And I can power squat 200. I like this thread.


most recent bests are at bw of 105kg

snatch 105

c&j 120

front squat 160 (i cant back squat heavy anymore)

deadlift 240

strict military press 100 ( I put this in cuz I cant bench anymore)


fun thread btw...


I could swear I saw pics of you on your hub cleaning and jerking over 140...?


Snatch - 80kg
C&J - 111kg
Back Squat - 152kg
Deadlift - 184kg
Bench Press - 130kg x 2

Body weight is at 71kg, have only competed twice and that was at 69kg.

Started Olympic Lifting a little less than 2 years ago. Have missed 85 in the snatch 3 or 4 times in recent sessions, its real close. And cleaned 115 last week, missing the jerk.


Wait, are there actually "super total" competitions around? Cause that would be awesome.

How many guys do both powerlifting and o-lifting?

squat: 515 (234)
Bench: 405 (184)
DL : 565 (257)

Snatch: I managed 135 (61) the one time I tried to do one for the hell of it.
I have cleaned and strict pressed 225 (102)

Though in all honesty my clean is more of an awkward reverse grip curl.

If this were an actual competition I'd be tempted to start learning the o-lifts.

My body weight is around 215


Damn, what the hell happened to you? get hit by a truck?


Thanks for noticing that man. I have cleaned 140kg and deadlifted 600lbs before. But I was posting my current PR's and not lifetime bests. I miss being young, fat, and strong...oh those were the days.


same here! ya...those numbers would be different if i posted the ones from my college throwing days. and a recently as 2 years ago i pulled 620. pulled 665 back in 2005.


do this for another 20 years and then ask again...lol


back injuries keep me from doing goodmornings and heavy back squats...shoulder needs surgery, cant horizontal press any more...pushups are even painful...

I could go on...

I guess I was hit by a truck.


I really didn't mean any offense. I was wondering if you'd had a big accident or something. Sounds more like accumulation though. Sounds like you've lost a lot of weight too. Is pulling not a problem with your back?

Any recommendations you could make to stay injury free/things you did wrong?

Best of luck with the injuries.


haha...no I know you did not mean any offense, I was just messing with you.

Ya, accumulation...need surgery on both shoulders...have diffuse degenerative disc disease in my back, have has a reconstruction of my left elbow...meniscus tear in left knee, just this past monday suffered a quad tear...

I think what I did wrong was pick the wrong sport to be in!

I am really a small guy. 5'6" and I have a very small frame. small joints, small hands and feet, narrow shoulders, my mother was 4'10" and only 90lbs. dad was 6' but a tall lanky beanpole that at his heaviest was maybe 170lbs.

I got into lifting early because I was a short chubby kid who always got picked on...

but I think I was meant to be one of those small quick guys...not a big strong one.

I have always been naturally explosive, for a short guy I could always jump really high, I could touch the rim of a bb goal and I easily could spike a volleyball.

but I suffered my first major pec and hamstring tears in my first year of serious lifting before I was 19!

think about that, at that age most of us were indestructible...but I was already getting hurt pushing max weights.

not sure if I am making any sense...


as for pulling...deadlift has always been my best most consistent exercise, that and the overhead press. 90% of my injuries have came from squatting and benching.

for some reason, a heavy pull does not stress my back in a way that heavy e=deep squats do...I think that i have a long torso relative to my short stature, and my levers are just all wrong for squatting big weights.

I have always leaned over and used a lot of back when squatting. my mechanics just suck. one reason I can still front squat fairly decent(all time best 200kg) is that I HAVE to stay upright to finish the lift. if I lean over too much, I dump the weight. back squats I lean over when I get near max loads, and boom there goes my back.


Supertotal, what a great concept. You former track guys rule when it comes to the oly + power lifts combined.


Your Olympic totals are similar to mine, in that the snatch blows hard, but the clean and jerk is good.

Bodyweight 85

Snatch 85
Clean and Jerk 115 (clean 120)
Back Squat ~155 (haven't maxed since ankle sprain, but an estimate)
Front Squat 136
Press 75
Bench Press 115
Deadlift 200

Front squat was at the end of a workout, I probably could have done more if I wasn't tired.


I'd like to get in on this, but I haven't been on a bench press or done a max effort deadlift since I started o-lifting about 2 years ago. Not to mention I've been feeling weak as shit lately and don't want to use PR numbers from months ago haha.


I haven't BP in months...the last time it was 100 for 16reps about 5months ago...

My last 1RM DL was in July 2010.

The Snatch is all about technique, speed, power and you can't muscle it. You have to finesse it. The Clean you and brute force the mofo and it's much more dependent on being strong. Most people will find beastying a Clean easier then the Snatch.