Super Tired After First Test/Tren Shot

Hey all,

Bit of background: I’ve undertaken four cycles previously of test / test + dbol. I recently decided to step it up and took my first shot of test e and tren e. (250mg and 150mg)

It’s been three days since my first shot so I’m not expecting nor have I felt many side effects. I’m saying that, I feel like my hunger has increased already, would that be normal?

The reason for my post is that I had some carbs this afternoon (two slices of bread) and all of a sudden felt a major crash in my energy. I was at work and just felt like I needed to go to sleep. It lasted about two hours and I’m currently coming back to normal.

Any idea what might have caused this?

Depending on the type of bread, it could have caused the tired feeling. Some types of bread are refined enough to be likened to sugar and can cause that “crash” feeling that you would get from coming off of a sugar high.

I cannot fathom how the drugs would have caused that.

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Some drugs may cause you feel toxic, lethargic and just tired in general. But i dont think this is the case.

Fair statement, let me rephrase what I said for clarification, I cannot fathom how 3 days into a cycle, 2 long ester drugs would cause that feeling of lethargy.


Tren always fucks with my blood sugar and makes me tired or hypo. I’ve eaten dinner, gone out to mow the yard and started going hypo, sweating, very tired

Hah, yea. I had that alot. Didnt knew it’s tren - just thought im pre-diabetic…

Thanks for your input. Honestly I thought the same thing, I’m quite confused as to what’s causing it. I’ll just have to moniter.

I took my blood glucose and it was at 5.9 mmol/L after a meal so I dont think there is any cause for concern.

Is there anything people do to combat this or typically just roll with the punches?

I think it’s just part of the nutrient partitioning Tren is known for. Eat enough of the right carbs, monitor BS levels, drop Tren and switch to Mast?? Idk

Switch tren to mast? Mast does not do anything while tren is the most potent steroid ever…

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Guess my joke didn’t land. He asked how to deal with it, and dropping the Tren is one way. I need to work on my delivery …

Ah ok. I tought you ment it serious. As a joke its a good one, yea :smiley:

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