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Super Tight Upper Back Causing Shoulder Pain


Hey guys for the last month I’ve all of a sudden had a super tight upper back throughout the rhomboid/rear delt region. I ignored it for a while until in the last few weeks it’s causing extreme pain throughout my shoulders and even pulls down my arms to my elbows. Most of the time it’s instantly relived by getting a baseball and finding trigger points in my back but the tightness just comes back in an hour or two. Went to the chiropractor and he said there’s nothing wrong with my spine so I should be fine but it’s just getting worse. If you guys have anything I’d really appreciate it Thankyou


You could try stretching out your biceps, lats and chest.

One theory says that tight “tonic” muscles (pecs/lats/front delts) will pull “phasic” muscles(rhomboids/rear delts) into a stretched, painful position.

Also, what was going on in your training during the month leading up to the flare up? Did you change anything up, or emphasize anything particular?

For example:
I tried some wider than normal bench presses and heavier than normal curls last month and it messed me up a little.


Just normal power building movements (the basics). The way I’ve trained for two years. I even deloaded my upper body for a week but no success. And yeah I’ve tried stretching everything but it’s definitally coming from my upper back area