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Super Test 300 and 400 Opinions


Hey Guys,
I have a bottle of Test 300 and test 400 and was thinking the following:

Option 1 stacking these 2 to get 700 of test a week. Is this too much??

Option 2 doing 2cc of the test 300 to get 600 of test.

I want to to inject once a week...

What are your guy's opinion on this?? Anything to be concerned about??

Thanks for the help

Have arimidex for ai along with letro
and novaldex for pct


Stacking two different forms of test has no advantages (other than possibly using a shorter ester for frontloading). It's all just test once your body removes the ester so why not just use one type? How often you need to pin depends on the ester (I'm guessing you have cypionate or enanthate). Twice per week is generally preferred to maintain steady amounts though.

600mg per week is pretty standard but if you feel the need to ask if that is too much maybe you should do a bit more reading to get comfortable with dosages, injection frequency, etc before you begin?


test 400? get ready for pain, might anna get some filtered cottonseed oil to cut with from a research co.


Yeah, I'll second that. I was injecting Supertest 450 and no matter what I did, I had excruciating pain all through my cycle.


I'm using test 400 i agree it hurt like a bitch for the first 2-3 weeks but now its good to go just had to get the muscle use to it. Its not as bad as everyone says


If it hurts alot try doing heat therapy... Grab some heat packs or wet some towels with hot water and put it over your ass/quads and massage after.. this helped with my primobolan cycle that i did while back..