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Super Talent




She can kill someone with those. That's strength weights can't buy.


Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet, only a matter of time till someone would post it on here.
Reminds me of those idiot synthol guys. Some serious mental issues here...


That......is some good shit.

thanks Hollow.

thats right, I said Hollow.


you sir are a blasphemous pagan.


I'd hit it... Or maybe get hit BY it and end up in hospital - it would be a good time either way.

EDIT: You wouldn't want her on top with those wrecking balls bouncing around.


Well... YOU wouldn't.


What the fuck!!!! That was disturbing as hell! Come on, Hallowed!!! I had greater expectations of you! I'm very disappoint. Very. Now I'll be sitting in my tent with that bullshit ass music and those melons bouncing in my head! Thanks a lot!!


I will pass the blame to my coach who is guilty of sending this to me in the first place.

And hey, you got off easy. My boobs still hurt just from watching this.


I didn't get off. And I've been told that I'm an excellent masseuse...shall I help you with your pain?


lol. no seriously you just made me giggle.



I wonder if anyone has tried motorboating those things.


One guy did.

May he rest in peace.


I think the term for those things is cruiseshipping.


Oiltankering. If one of those things gets punctured, the leakage will wipe out an entire ecosystem.


I would call them Death by asphyxiation. Stick your head between them at your own peril.


Death by boob.


Big gross titties are big and gross.


My mind is a scribbly now and nothing makes any sense.