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super-stupid-chick day tommorow

so fella’s, anyone got anything special planned for “another-reason-to-try-and-get-laid-by-doing-romantic-shit day?” (aka valentines day) bring on all flames, but i got the perfect idea for my girl. REMEMBER, ITS NOT A PLACE I WOULD GO NORMALLY because it drains the t juices away, but since its for a girl, i dont have to worry. im taking her to the “build-a-bear” superstore. (all together now, awwwww). in return, there’s only one thing i want from her for steak and blowjob day on march 17th. well two. a steak and a blowjob.

There’s only ONE thing tomorrow night is good for. And that’s for the Double D.

No offense intended, JC.

Now, c’mon…

You are ALL going to be sickened but me and my gf have matching build a bears one wearing a blue robe and one wearing a pink robe (that’s hers…). Girls like that stuff…

I have to go flip truck tires, do log presses and farmers walks with my girl.


ko, you lucky SOB. i admit, thats my true idea of a romantic date. deadlifts and steak, however i think you have the only female who agrees. thats ok, my girl is smokin, so ill be ok. (ah yes the things i do for hot chicks.)

If I had to build a bear, I’d give it three testicles and one eye.

Suuure it’s not a place you would normally go…I have always disliked Valintine’s Day. Now that I am married I flat detest it. Got to do a bunch of crap that makes no sense to me, next year I hope my job sends me out of town on valetine’s day. Who’s dumb ass idea was this day anyway.