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super stacks?-Brock advice

I have some gear on order, and plan on doing two different cycles:

cycle 1- 6 week cutting cycle. I plan on using finasol 70 sprays twice a day. In combination to that 50mg of Winstrol inj. eod, plenty of MD6, T2, and Methoxy7. I also plan to use clomid and nolvadex to get things going again.

Cycle 2- 6 week mass cycle. I’m going to use Nandrosol(nandrolone)with fina, and 10mg of oral Winstrol. For the first two weeks of this cycle, I also plan to use 20mg Dbol for the first two weeks, and taper down to 15 mg for the last four weeks. Again I plan to get things going again with Clomid, Nolvadex, and possibly HCG. Is this a good combination, am I too weak dose wise, or am I overloading things? Fellow T-men, I’d like your advise, and I plan to post my results. I’m 23, lifted for 9 years, 6’tall, 230 lbs, 16.5% bf, 193 lbm.