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Super Squats


A friend of mine is going to try this program he seems very interested in it and asked me what I thought of it. I really didn't know what to say because I have never done the SS program, but I know it is hard work. My issue is that I have read that the 20 rep squats dont work very well for someone who is interested in athletic goals (strongman). Have any of the competive strongman/women used SS and what are your opinions of it?


I'm not a strongman but two points:

  1. I imagine strength endurance is important for many strongman events... I think 20 rep squats fall into this catagory.

  2. Muscle mass is definatly good for strongman events and 20 rep squats have a reputation of packing on muscle.

if they are ideal or not I don't know but im confident they could be helpfull in the big picture.


I'm reading that book now (this is my 8th time reading it!)

I think it's a great way to help with strongman events. Squats for max reps is involved in some contests.

20 Rep squats builds the kind of conditioning that strongman requires as well.

He should try 6 weeks with squats then switch to 20 rep deadlifts for 6 weeks.

Here is a good schedule for strongman as it is easily modified to suit your strong points/weaknesses.

Day 1 (monday)
20rep Squats & 2 "push" exercises

Day 2 (thurs.)
20rep Squats & 2 "pull" exercises

Day 3 (sat.)
3 pull exercises only

Next week switch the pulls and pushes around (after the squats) and make Saturday 3 push exercises only.

Throw abs, curls and grip work in there as you wish.