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Super Squats

Im just starting this routine and was wondering if anyone has done it, and if they have any tips to someone just starting it. anything you noticed or any modifications to the program that you found, let me know.

When done right that routine is about as hard as weightlifting gets. Be ready!! Its hard work, but well worth it, I saw good gains both in bodyweight but also strenght too. Best of Luck.

this is coming to you from the UK ,I dont think many of the replys i read are from here by the tone of script.
Yes squatting when done to parallel or below is brutal and i have to take my hat off to the athletes who take it to the limit as I have… in the past.
my experience is yes youll put weight on and yes youll get stronger but be careful the weight and strength could all be around your hips. I believe the theory: strong in the squat strong in everything to be bollocks.My other contribution is evaluate how well the exercise suits you, Im 6’3’ and relatively long in the leg, consequently when i squat ive noticed my position at parrallel is favouring the hips and lower back as prime mover moreover after 3 or 4 sets gluts and leg adductors are pumped more than quads.
After 10+ years of back injuries ive gone the safer non turnip way of hacks,press,extentions and front squats in that order of preference.

The program is great as it is. But you’ve got to have big nuts to pull off the squats well. Good Luck

damn i did the routine today and i felt like i was going to pass out or puke. its pretty crazy, my friend said i was really close to parallel for the squats. he also said i should mix some gatorade with some water because i ran out of energy after the squats. maybe ill mix some power drive with it like shugart.

Gray, the hips is where most of your power is generated so why wouldnt it be good. I remeber reading alot of Bruce Lee’s books and his punching and kicking power was all genearted from the hips. Here you had a very small guy, able with amazing punching power becuase his coe strength was phenomenal. ALl that power translates over to everyday life. Anyway, I do cycles of the Super squat routine, and when done the way it was meant to be done, perfect form to at least parallel and any rep missed u dont count, and using heavy weights and adding weight each session, that will build so much muscle and pwoer u will scare yourself.

Ahhh, the joy of the 20-rep squat. Nothing quite beats the experience of stepping out of the rack and going right to the ground where you lie on your back, gulp air, and watch the weird light/color show. My advice may be a little too late. Start at a weight that is 80 % of what you think you should start at. You don’t want to feel like you’re going to die the first day. That should come in the second week.

yea the super squat rutine is great, i started it about two weeks ago and iv gained about 7lbs and i put over 1/2 an inch on my quads. its the most intense set of squats iv ever done

Be ready to puke, or get darn close to it. I may bring them back into my routine(20 rep sq) but am toying with waving the weight up and down, 3 forward, 1 back or some such… hmmmmmm

Stock up on advil.

I just reached the 300x20 mark. I WILL reach the 500x20 within 2 years or die!! (well maybe that’s a bit strong).
Has anyone reached the 500x20 mark of PARALLEL squats? If so, how “huge” are you? Can you walk thru single doorways?

OK I’ve never done 500x20. In fact, please lock me up in the loony bin if I ever make that my goal. :slight_smile:
I have seen a person do it before though. Before you call bullshit on me, you may remember from a few of my posts here that I used to be a strength coach at a Division I Univ. During strength tests two off-seasons ago one of the defensive lineman did 505x20. Most of the reps were parallel, some were just close. We tested actual 1RM’s for bench and cleans, but did rep max calculations for squats. His stats: 6’1", ~258 lbs., ~ 7% bf,. He was actually not THAT heavy for a d-lineman, but he was a beast in the weight room. He set an all-time record for the strength index that year. Can’t remember exactly what his vert and 40 times were. I know they were respectable but not outstanding. Again, his form wasn’t that strict, but it was still an amazing display.

I know Paul Anderson’s best 20-rep weight was 700lbs & I think Bud Jeffries recently just did that also. That’s the biggest 20-rep weight I’ve heard of.