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Hey I just started this program today. I am seriously doubting the whole 30 pounds in 6 weeks claim (unless you can actually drink that much milk without getting fat) but from the feel of it - I definetly think adding 10 lbs of lbm is absolutely possible. I did 20 reps at 235 today. The deep breathing was getting me kinda dizzy but I’ll get used to it.
Has anyone else given this program a shot? It’s very basic and motivating!
The diet information is kind of outdated…But with a few basic changes it seems very solid overall. Give it a shot.

I did the program several years back. I never gained the 30lbs. that is advertised, but I did gain almost 10lbs.!

I too did not like the deep breathing part. To be honest after the first few weeks I stopped much of the deep breathing and just did the squats. Other than having a few nightmares about the 20 rep squats that I was facing, the program worked well.

I will tell you this, after 6 weeks of this program my legs were never the same. They gained size and strength that have never left me!

Overall I recommend this program to anyone who has a desire for fast gains. Be prepared (as you know) to work harder than you have ever worked before!

This seems quite interesting but can someone tell me doing this 2/3 times a week surely this cant be a good thing? Isn’t it like doing bench press 2/3times a week and 20reps at that too?!?!
Doesn’t seem like a very intelligent way of training, I’m not denying that you may make alot of gains while doing it but at what cost?

Breathing squats are cool, but that whole program is pretty lame, especially the diet stuff. Doesn’t that book also recommend pullovers to “expand the ribcage”? Been a while since I’ve read it.

They recommend pull overs as a sort of stretching movement. I know the diet they recommend is way out of date which is why I am not following the milk protocol amongst other things. Overall though they give you basic programs which pack on muscle when done correctly. I think the whole idea is just to keep challenging your muscles in small steps until the program is over. A very basic, solid idea.

Followed the routine - albeit a modified version - for nearly 6 months and 20 reppers went from 80kg to 135kg. I used to have nightmares about it and be literally scared of how much it was gonna hurt. Can honestly say, I have never squatted as hard consistantly since. As far as the diet goes, massive eating or somthing similar would be a more “modern” alternative.

In the latter stages of the programme, I found splitting the routine was necessary -

Mon Squats & SL DL & Calves

Wed Upper body

Fri Squats etc

Mon Upper body

Wed Squats etc

Fri Upper body

And so on

Like any programme, it will work if overload is progressive, rest is sufficiant and there is a moderate calorie surplus.

Have fun with the 20 reppers!!! (Have a mat to lie on and a bucket to puke in near by!)

The 20 rep squat protocol has a few similarities to EDT. During both you are trying to increase the amount of work you do over a certain period. In Super Squats you attempt to increase the weight you do for a period of 20 reps, EDT you increase the weight and/or reps you do in a set period of time. In both you take breaks in between reps to ‘recover’ or compose yourself for the next few reps you do.