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Super Squats + MAG 10

I was considering the supersquats training program while taking the MAG 10. Any opinions on this?

Am not an expert but have used 20 rep squat routines twice with good results-once as a novice 192 lb 23 yr old to gain mass -added about 15lbs in 6 weeks and then once again in 98 (when I was 35)when I had a layoff due to surgery and wanted to gain some mass back-gained 11 lbs back…it is a good program but it is an abbreviated workout routine-one in where you work out only 2-3 times a week-not exactly what is called for in the Mag-10 protocol-one option would be to just do all the other days ,and on leg day do the 20 rep squat routine(Charles Fraser wrote an article about this in an old ironman)…20 rep squats work well but I think the short workouts/high stimlus of grow or die of the 20 rep sq’s/and the high intake of milk(protein has a lot to do with the program-just my .o2