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Super Squats II


I’m looking to change my current massing routine. I’m 20/m, 6’ 3" 185lbs.
Would this be appropriate? or is it too much ? (ie. overtraining)

Military 3 x 10
Bench 3 x 12
Bent Rows 2 x 15
Arm Curls 2 x 10
Squats 1 x 20
SLDL’s 1 x 15

I was given this routine from a guy who had read ‘Super Squats’ how to add
30lbs muscle in 6 weeks. Obviously, its an overexaggeration, but I would
like to add a few lbs over the next couple months. I aiming at doing the squats Tues, and Deads on Friday rather than both twice a week!