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SUPER SQUATS: How To Gain 30 Pounds Of Muscle In 6 Weeks by Randall J. Strossen

has anyone tried this book and if so what were your results, is it worth the$$$$?

I know the book that you are talking about, and it centers around breathing squats. Breathing squats are very effective for gaining weight, but you could almost certainly get the same information for free by searching the internet (or t-mag).

breathing squats are an effective method for gaining a lot of lean mass for a beginner, but even 30 lbs in 6 weeks for a novice would be ridiclous, let alone a somewhat advanced or advanced bodybuilder. 5 lbs a week is hard to gain in fat, let alone muscle…

It contains an interesting, basic program, that, as stated, revolves around breathing squats, which we’ve described at T-mag several times. It’s a bit old school, which is cool is some aspects, but makes the program behind the times in others (pullovers to expand the rib cage etc.)

The weight gain part comes mostly from the diet. It’s a basic “eat a lot” diet but adds that you should drink a gallon of whole milk per day. I’d get fat myself, but it might work for an ectomorph teenager. Still, the 30 pounds claim is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s certainly not all lean muscle. In an extreme case-- a untrained teen with the right genetics “in waiting” who eats like a bird-- you might see those results, though.

Chris, why in the hell would anyone want to expand there ribcage? I would kill for a smaller ribcage!