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Super Squats and Military Training?

I love military PT training and want to gain like 30lbs. I currently am doing push, pull legs 6 days a week. I do 200 push-ups, squats, crunches/leg lifts a day. I walk 2 miles a day after each gym session as well as do, frequent cardio in terms of 100,200,400m sprints and 1 mile timed runs.

If I were to swap PPL with Super Squats but kept everything else the same, will I see considerable fat gains? I figured If I maintained my cardio and calisthenic levels but increase caloric intake, I’ll see more muscle gain than fat gain, right?

My goal is to weigh 203 in 6 weeks and then switch to a Keto diet to burn fat and get ready for the summer, thoughts?

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 183lbs
20 rep squat: 245

Any situation that involves gaining 20lbs in 6 weeks is going to be one that results in considerable fat gains, baring the use of anabolics or severe overhydration.

Everyone should do 20 rep squats because it’s a great program, but you cannot rush that much muscle gain in that short of a time frame.

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Heres the thing… as pointed out . The only individuals whom gain that kind of weight in that short of a period and the majority it not be in the form of fat are guys whom are starting out (and even than its not common especially 20 lbs)

or guys getting back into training whom are coming back from a training layoff due to injury or the like whom have lost weight and just regain it.

FYI… when you go into a diet phase more than likely you will loose some lean muscle the % of which will be based off several factors.