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Super Squats and Age?

What’s your results on doing the super squats / 20 rep squats program in your “adult” years?

Saturday I was focused and determined enough to pull off a 25x225 set, not the smartest while dieting. This was the first (and the way my legs felt Monday the only) attempt. The weight isn’t that impressive, and I was huffing over the last 6 or so reps, but I did it.

This is far from a typical leg day for me, as I work squatting movements into my routine ~ every 3rd leg day (~ every 2 weeks).

I have done suitcase squats with 2x88lb kettlebells for sets of 15-20 in past routines with no problem. I am currently doing sets of 25 hindu squats and they really get to your legs not to mention the cardio! My legs are strong and the muscles are dense not large so this method works for me. I don’t know if this is the info you are looking for but I hope it helps.