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Super Squat Attempt

After reading hours and hours of mr @T3hPwnisher blog, i bought and read “super squats”. Its a great read. It just happened to fall on leg day. Decided id incorporate a widowmaker squat on my leg day. Did seated Leg curl 3 sets, adductor 2 sets, then a few walking lunges to get the knees warm. I had no idea on my 10-12rm squat, as i havent barbell back squatted in a year due to left knee pains. well warmed up doing sets of 10, 95, 135, 185, then went for 225.

I definitely did not take the time to get mentally ready for this set. Took it for granted. I ended up at 16 reps. It wasnt my legs that mentally broke me, it was the lower back fatigue and lungs on fire.

Hamstrings are sore this morning as are my glutes. tomorrow Im sure will be worse. Just like the book says, i have those 4 reps in me, i just wimped out. It has made me ready to go train legs again, a guess a new flame, a new goal. I will be squatting every 72 hours, so not 3x week frequency, but a tad more than 2x a week. Simple upper/lower/off repeat. Upper will be minimal, 2-3 sets of Bench/OHP, Bent row, pullups.


Good luck dude.

When I’m doing high rep squats, I find Dan Johns words echoing around in my head:

“You can always do one more squat”


In June last year I did a mash up of 531 front squats and a Paul Carter 20 rep squat programme. Even on front squat day I did my 20 back squats (at a lower weight).
I’ll start with the good news. 20 rep squats work. Everything improved.
The bad news is you will regret this decision.

My advice is go with the programme as is as much as possible. I changed it and just about got away with it. But even minor changes can derail you.
As for going every 3 day - not a bad call. I started doing mine 3 times a week. But by week 5 I was toast. So finished doing every 3 days. Still did all 18 work outs.

Before you start make sure you have the time and energy for this. It will drain you. Look up recovery methods and get some more food in. You’ll need it.

Good luck.

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What % of your 1 rm did you use?

I havent had a bar on my back more than 5 times the last year. my DL is about 500 and bench close to 400, squat was always about consistent with my DL. But now i think 375 is doable.

My leg sessions usually consist of Leg press, hacks and reverse lunges for quad work

Appreciate having you as a reader dude! And best of luck with the program. It’s transformative.

Thanks bud. I am a comic book nerd also, your post about Hulk vs Juggernaut changed my views on life lol

Tomorrow is attempt 2 at 225. Going to stick with 3 work sets of hams prior, I know this isnt the program, but i think its still recoverable since i am squatting every 72 hours instead of 3x per week.

There are also 2x a week versions too, or 3 times every 2 weeks. Lots of ways to crack the nut. Big thing is having the squats in the middle of the workout.

Hell yeah dude! “Strongest there is” my butt, haha.